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We Went To Brighton

A couple of weeks ago me and Sam took a well-deserved long weekend away to Brighton. Growing up in the Midlands, it wasn't easy to go to the seaside - but living in the South now means it's a simple (and relatively cheap!) train journey away.

Whilst there, I managed to visit a handful of coffee shops which had been on the radar, and I'm happy to say that none of them disappointed me. I mean heck, how disappointed can you be when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing and happiness levels are at 150%?


Day One

Is it really the first day of Brighton if you don't run to the pier at the first opportunity? After a leisurely trip down to the coast (with no delayed trains which proved to be quite the shocker!), we checked in an headed straight to the pier to release our inner child. It was hot and cramped (what with it being a gloriously sunny Saturday afternoon), but that didn't stop us playing on a couple of racing games and trying our hand at the claw (and failing terribly).

After getting way too hot and bothered (they really need to install some air conditioning in that arcade), we headed back into the main town on the prowl for some ice cream. I mean, only rookies go ahead and buy ice cream by the pier front - have you seen the size of those seagulls?

It was lucky that we stumbled across the wonderful 'Soft Republick', a cool-as-heck ice cream parlour. Think spray guns full of sauce and fancy pants toppings. Oh, and black ice cream on fridays. You know you live in London when you gasp at the fact that the ice creams were under a tenner, too!

After devouring our ice creams, I went on the hunt for some good coffee. Turns out when you're hot and have a nice air conditioned hotel room waiting for you, you aren't actually too keen on traipsing aroun the busy Brighton town centre for some good coffee and would rather go back to the room. I know, I shocked myself there too. So nope, no coffee for Izzy on day one. Sorry!

We did hit up Pho for dinner though, and darn that was tasty.

After all, we'd booked tickets to go to see the Incredibles 2 that evening, and the child within me wanted to nap before the big event. Safe to say the film did not disappoint, and our newfound energy after the film (and the sugar overload from our frosted tango drinks) meant we hit up the hotel bar and grabbed espresso martinis. See? I managed to squeeze in some form of coffee consumption on my first day.

Yum yum yum.


Day Two

After what was quite a disappointing first day in regards to coffee, I was desperate to get out as soon as possible on the Sunday morning to find ourselves some good coffee. After a goooorgeous early morning swim, we ventured into the early morning sun and found ourselves climbing the hill to reach a small neighborhood coffee stop: Stoney Point.

Stoney Point echoed neighborhood vibes, and we stuck out like a sore thumb in the midst of all of the regulars on their Sunday morning drop-ins. The place itself was tiny, with minimalistic seating both inside and out. Saying that, however, it was a glorious vibe inside, and even more-so it was a glorious coffee. Being in the infamously-green hub that is Brighton, I opted for an oat milk flat white, and it definitely did not disappoint.

Without going into too much depth, our hotel breakfast wasn't up to standard, and after seeing the breakfast/brunch menu offered by Stoney Point, we both low-key regretted not ordering anything there. It all looked so good.

We then made our way into the town centre for a quick wander around, but Sam didn't feel too well so we didn't stay there for long. We did make the excuse to go sit in another coffee house to rest, which did mean I could pop into the famous Bond Street Coffee to cool down with one of their gorgeous iced lattes. Now admittedly we weren't originally heading there as our last experience hadn't been too great, but the chaps in the shop were super friendly and the place definitely redeemed itself compared to the couple of years back.

After that, we headed to the beach and ate some newsagents ice creams (hilariously cheaper than the ones the day before!), ended up back in the hotel room and flopped.


Day Three

It's always depressing waking up on the day you're going back home, even if it is just for a long weekend.

To blow away those blues, we packed quickly and haded over to my favourite side of Brighton for breakfast at Bill's. I grabbed some avo on toast (obviously), whilst Sam grabbed a stack of pancakes I admittedly eyed up enviously. We held off on the cups of coffee however, as we knew there were some good spots around that area for a great cup of coffee.

After our tastebuds were satisfied, we headed off to Black Mocha, a cool as heck coffee shop not too far away. As somewhere I had walked past before when I'd been in Brighton the past couple of occasions, the only emotion I felt was heavy disappointment with myself that I'd never bothered to stumble into this place before. Everything about it was perfect, from the service, to environment, and all the way over to - of course- the cup of coffee itself! I ordered a good old flat white, of course, but ended up taking it away to enjoy in the Pavilion.

We made the most of being on the cute side of Brighton and had a wander around all of the independent gift and homeware shops, before we began to overheat and sought out some shelter. That's when we ended up all the way over in Marwood - a coffee shop-stroke bar which had been recommended to me by a handful of people.

Like Black Mocha, I'd actually stumbled across this place on countless occasions, as this place is slap bang in the middle of all of the Brighton festivities. Once again, the only disappointment I had was within myself - and i've made a resolution with myself that if I now pass a cool-as-heck looking coffee shop in Brighton I really do have to just go in, since I've obviously been missing out on so much to this point!

Marwood was decorated in all things retro - with a not-so-small dash of kitschiness. This place was an instagrammers dream come true (sorry, but it had to be said), but the oat milk flat white went down a treat whilst Sam slurped over a cider. The service was mixed with some good and bad, but the environment and one specific smiley lady definitely made up for it. Oh, and an adorable puppy came in who wished away all of the problems in the world for that brief moment.


By the time we finished at Marwood we were practically falling asleep (cider and hot weather really does make you ready for bed!), so we stumbled slowly t the train station to grab our train home.

The long weekend was a good one, and my only complaint was that it wasn't long enough. But heck, that just gives me the excuse to go back even sooner - doesn't it?

Until next time, lovelies.

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