Waylands Yard [Birmingham].

Oh man oh man oh man, I have been wanting to visit this place for goodness knows how long.

No, seriously. I haven’t been so excited about visiting a coffee shop like this for a very long time. Scrap that, I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited to visit a coffee shop, ever.

The second of their two sites (I still haven’t managed to wander over to their Worcester location although I’m desperate to), I’ve been following these guys on instagram for a very long time - even before they announced the opening of their Birmingham shop.

My first coffee shop job (Yorks Coffee Roasters) at the age of 16 was down the road in Colmore Row, Birmingham, so this place holds a little piece in my heart.

There wasn’t really a huge coffee scene in Birmingham for quite awhile, and admittedly I do believe that it was one of the last locations to really adopt the third wave culture. However, these past couple of years have seen a huge expansion in speciality coffee shops popping up around the West Midlands, and it’s pretty clear to see that I’m super stoked and excited.

So needless to say, when I saw the chaps that were Waylands Yard emerge on the coffee scene, with their cool as heck aesthetics, amazing looking coffee, and dog presence on their social media, I was pretty sure I was going to love this place.

And I wasn’t wrong.

(okay, if anyone from Wayland’s Yard is reading this, you can stop now and take a breather: I legitimately do not have any criticism for you. You’ve passed with flying colours - kudos to you lads and lasses).

Now I know I’ve rambled on way too much already, and I’ve hardly even spoken about the place. Since I’ve just basically provided a spoiler that I have no criticisms for the place, then I’m going to keep the rest short and sweet. I would tell you more, but I don’t want to give too much away: I just want to peak your curiosities enough that you just HAVE to go (cheeky disclaimer here that I’m not being paid to write this about them, and is no form of advertisement - I’m simply getting a bit too excited).


The Coffee

Okay, so let’s keep this as simple as possible.

They use coffee from Method Coffee Roasters, who I’ve had the pleasure of tasting on a couple of occasions (including at last year’s Birmingham Coffee Festival).

These guys are everything I like about the coffee scene out of London - the roasts are more mellow and medium bodied. Although I do love a good light roasted coffee, unless done extremely well these can simply taste like sour milk coffee. No, seriously, it’s not good.

I was given a glorious flat white to begin as I sat in, and a filter later to take away.

The flat white was using their house coffee from Method, a blend of Brazilian, Ethopian and Columbian, so you can quite easily see that this was quite a safe coffee. But like I said before, don’t think ‘safe’ necessarily means ‘boring’. It really doesn’t, it was gloriously well-balanced and went down a treat.

The latte art was good too, one of the best in the Midlands I’ve come across, but more importantly the texture of the milk of my flat white was absolutely banging. Anyone who reads my blog posts will know I’m nowhere near as fussed with latte art as I probably should be, as long as that milk is silky smooth.

But heck, it makes my job much easier as coffees are so much more instagrammable with pretty latte art on top, don’t get me wrong.

The Food

Now, this is a bit awkward, because I didn’t taste any of the food, but I just had to ask some of my close friends for their opinions on this as I just had to know if it tasted as good as it looked.

(spoiler: it’s even better, if that’s even possible)

Honestly, you’d never get these portions down in London, so if you’re looking for some honest and good grub with an even better price point, hit these guys up.

It’s also great to note that these guys also offer an array of counter service food, including pre-made sandwiches for grab and go, as well as a great spread of fresh pastries and cake. If I hadn’t eaten on the train over, I definitely would have grabbed a danish. They looked so gloriously scrummy.

The Space\Location

I’m slightly embarassed to say that it took me a little longer than I initally thought it would to get to this shop. Tucked down a side road off of the main Colmore Row Square, it definitely attracts many an office worker (as this is the equivalent of the ‘City’ in London) and I was happy to see that it was chock-a-block when I first came in.

To be completely honest, it’s not difficult at all to find, but I never really venture that way so it seemed a bit unfamiliar to me. Anyone more familiar with the city (or just a bit better navigating via Google Maps) would find it an absolute doddle.

The space itself definitely ticks all the right boxes for me. With an industrial interior, the space has plenty of natural light and a vast amount of seating - even though only one seat was free when I came in! The seats are comfy too, and there’s plenty of power points around. There’s nothing worse than visiting a coffee shop and immediately feel unwelcome for staying five minutes longer after you’ve finished your cuppa.

You feel welcome in Wayland’s Yard, which I definitely like - complimenting the overall friendliness you find in the city that is Birmingham.

The People (and Pooch)

You know I think that the customer service and experience of a coffee shop makes or breaks your experience. Sure, the coffee was amazing and the food looking gorgeous as ever but what really shined was the guys and gals behind the bar.

Oh, and there’s a dog called Kobe too, who completely stole my heart. If there’s one way to keep me coming back to a place, it’s to have a coffee shop dog on hand.

Nah, but seriously, these guys are killing it. I’d been told that they were all lovely but honestly, they were basically free therapy after what has been the most depressing Winter for a long time down south in the capital.

It was that typical feeling where you felt like a regular even on your first visit, and more coffee shops should take note to that.


There's not really much point to write a lengthy conclusion to this piece (especially since I ranted quite a tad in the intro), but it's needless to say that Wayland's Yard is one of the best coffee shops I have travelled to for quite awhile. The people were friendlier, there were dogs on site, and the overall vibe to the place was pretty darn cool.

Oh, and the coffee is gorgeous too - a bit lighter than the usual Midlands style coffee, so it was a welcoming brew after knowing that I would be tasting the likes of some very dark roasts during my time back home.

Needless to say, I've already booked my next trip back (i'm not even kidding), as I'll be soon visiting for the Birmingham Coffee Festival.

Until next time, lovelies!


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