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Okay, just a quick one today about why you should be super duper lovely to your baristas today (although there's really no excuse to not be marvellously wonderful to them every single day).

Oh, and if you hadn't yet heard or seen by anyone in England, we're currently facing a lot of snow. Maybe that'll give you a bit more context into the blog post here, otherwise you may not have understood why I've decided to give the baristas some loving today. Although let's be honest, I'm always giving baristas loving because they're so gosh darn wonderful.

So yes, here are the top reasons to be super lovely to your barista rn in the midst of the 'Beast From the East' (yep, that's what it's been called):

1. They had to get up super early.

- Yep, I know, they have to get up super duper early every single day if they're opening the shop. However, think how horrible it is when you're first waking up and it's cold and miserable, then times that by 1000. Baristas will be hard at work by this point, meaning they've probably had to trudge through the snowy cold weather to get to their coffee shop, hoping their trains are still running (because they'll otherwise be screwed) and crossing their fingers hard that the pipes haven't frozen as they'll then be met with quite a few disgruntled customers.

2. There's no snow days for them.

- Okay I know, working professionals don't necessarily get snow days too. However, I know a lot of you get the opportunity to work from home. I worked in a nearby cafe, but was surprised by how little people were out and about on public transport. If you're working at an office job, I understand (because I'm one of them!) that it's much easier to be able to call in and work from home than a barista. Well, a barista just can't do that - full stop.

Because let's not fool anyone - everyone who took a 'work from home' day secretly played a little bit in the snow.

3. They're either super busy or super quiet.

- Dependent on location, the snow storm can really wreak havoc on the footfall of the coffee shop. Therefore, the barista could be so bored all day that they go slightly blind from staring out the window to the white snow all day - or, they're run off their feet all day because people are more reliant than ever on a hot beverage to keep them going. Extra points of sympathy if someone hasn't been able to show up to work and they're running a one man show.

So yes, spare a small thought for your regular barista buddies in the bracing time. But heck, you can't be too nice to them: have you leaned on a coffee machine? They're so toasty.

Until next time, lovelies. x

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