It's Minus Figures Outside & I'm Talking About Cold Brew.

You know, they tell you when you’re blogging to always stick with the seasonal stuff - the stuff which will really go down well at that current moment in the world. So what do I go and do? Write a blog on refreshing cold brew during the ‘big freeze’ of England. Yep, sorry about that chucks.

It only sparked my mind to write a little something about it because I actually had some the other day. Whats-more, I’ve been seeing a number of coffee shops actually advertising it on their social media channels now, even in the sub-zero temperatures. It got me thinking that cold brew is a suitable drink for all year round, no matter if it’s - well - cold outside.

Cold brew, without going too much into the technicalities of things, uses cold water in its brewing process. Not only this, but the brewing time is increased dramatically, meaning that the extraction is delicate and holds no harshness whatsoever - unlike something like the high pressure of the espresso machine. Instead, by using these techniques, cold brew produces a very well rounded, mellow and smooth cup every time. Well, granted you got the ratios correct.

Cold brew is incredibly refreshing, and I honestly say that. Usually I have to have a drink of water after finishing a cup of coffee because my mouth goes a little dry, but with cold brew I feel quenched enough as it is. That’s what makes it so good for summer, you see, but it really cannot go without saying how suitable a cold brew beverage is for all year round. Okay, maybe not in this snowy weather, but usually in our London winters it would go down rather splendidly!

Furthermore, this stuff - although amazing when professionally done and ordered from a coffee shop, is super simple to make at home. Keep your eyes peeled for a cold brew recipe once Spring hits and I can feel Summer coming, but in the meantime feel free to go give it a google if you’re desperate to get started! I always find that older coffee can be used because there’s a stronger level of extraction which not only brings out the flavours more, but also hides any staleness or bitterness of older beans.

Enjoyed black or white, or even with a sprig of mint (see below!) cold brew is great for you coffee lovers out there who want to try something different, yet oh so yummy.

Until next time, lovelies!