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Mini Review: Starbucks' Tumeric Latte

Oh man, I can't believe I'm reviewing a starbucks drink today, but if you're anything like me you may be that teeniest tiniest bit curious as to what Starbucks' speciality drinks taste like. So today I made the most of my meeting in one of the green mermaid's shops and grabbed myself a Turmeric Latte with oat milk.

If you've read my other blog post, you'll know that I'm quite the fan of their oat milk. Sure, it's nowhere as good as the likes of Minor Figures or Oatly, but it's much better than what I first anticipated. It mixes and steams really well, and is super creamy when warm.

I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised with the turmeric latte, although I'm pretty sure there was a heck of a lot of sweetened stuff in it. I'm not joking when I say that after a good bit of googling, I cannot seem to find the nutritional content of the turmeric powder that Starbucks uses, and that does make me slightly nervous. I try to follow a low carb/low sugar diet and not knowing these kinds of things would usually put me off, if I hadn't already had two coffees by the time I'd reached Starbucks so I thought I'd pass. Little did I know that the turmeric latte in Starbucks actually has, well, espresso in it. You couldn't taste it much in the drink, but it almost tasted like a slightly healthier version of the pumpkin spice latte: my guilty white girl pleasure.

Although the drink was much sweeter than I remembered any other turmeric latte being, I did still very much enjoy it. I ordered a short, but admittedly I only drank three quarters of it simply due to the fact that the turmeric deposits had all sunken to the ground - making those last few gulps undesirable. However, I cannot be too mean to Starbucks about this - this tends to be the case in most places I visit, so I shouldn't single them out. If anything, the turmeric powder mixed remarkably well with the milk compared to some of the T. lattes i've had in the past.

Overall, I would recommend this drink to someone who was veering away from their coffee and wanted to try something new. I even got a free pour/latte art attempt on top which wasn't half bad for the big bucks.

However, I didn't feel the huge health kick after drinking this than when I've had it in speciality coffee shops - I don't know if this is simply the placebo effect, but I have a feeling that the quality of ingredients used by Starbucks is nowhere near to the coffee shops I usually frequent.

If the internet is telling the truth, then unfortunately these turmeric lattes are only available in the Greater London area and nowhere else, and if that is the case then I do apologise if I've raised any of your hopes up. However, I do wish they'd stop advertising it as sometthing pretty - pouring that rosetta with orange turmeric milk into an espresso really does not look appealing.

Until next time, lovelies. x

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