So What The Heck is a Long Black?

So, I’ve got a little confession to make.

I didn’t upload a blog post yesterday.. I know, I know - it’s terrible, but I had to weigh up uploading a really crappy one (which I initially did and then later pulled it down in the early hours of the morning because I was so embarassed by it) or not posting one at all.

So here’s a quick apology, as well as a brief explanation that to make up for it I’ll be uploading two, tomorrow. Wow, you lucky devils. That means I’ll have uploaded the same amount of content, so you won’t be losing out on anything. Lucky things! (honestly, I’m so sorry - I’ve been working myself up about it all day).

So without further ado, let’s chat about the little blog post today, all about the wondrous ‘Long Black’.


As soon as I found out about this drink, and had the chance to try it, I was already hooked. Lately I’ve been even more hooked on this since i’m on the search for shorter drinks with less milk (as heck, i drink a ton of milk and it’s not boding well with me).

The long black, long story short, is a shorter americano. You can get more technical, where many coffee shops say that Americanos have the espresso shot poured into it first, then the hot water dispersed on top of it. However, most coffee shops, especially in the speciality market, tend to lean towards serving all Americanos and long blacks hot water first and espresso second due to both aesthetics (the crema looks super lovely when laid on top of the drink) and taste (the espresso is less ‘burned’ through this method).

Much like the larger americano, the long black has a double shot of coffee. Simply put, there’s less water in the cup in a long black and thus the coffee is stronger (as it’s not watered down as much).

Despite the name, the long black can be served with or without milk, although it is recommended to keep the drink without milk.

If i’m completely honest, there’s not much more I can say about the long black. It’s a simple drink to make and order, but its simplicity is half of its charm. You want good coffee and you want it fast, and you like the traditional rich flavours of an espresso based beverage - so you stick with a long black which means minimal fuss.

Oh, and the best part to the long black is that it’s usually on the cheaper side than lattes and flat whites, even though you’re getting the same size drink. Coffee shops usually aren’t stingy enough to charge premium prices for hot water based beverages, unlike milk based beverages (where costs are higher), so it’s also great on your wallet.

Until next time, lovelies. x