Why Coffee Shops Are The Best Places For Dates.

As it’s Valentines Day and I had the pleasure of sitting in coffee shops all day and seeing all of those cute couples floating about, I thought I’d share with you the top reasons as to why you should head out to your nearby coffee shop for a date, rather than the traditional restaurant.

  1. Cheaper

Out of all four, this is the easiest to understand, and probably the one people know the most about already (and why they thus choose to go visit a coffee shop instead). You don’t even have to splurge out on a three course meal for you to now receive the bill and think they’ve done a calculation wrong somewhere which has ended up with you paying something extortionate - let alone if you're settling the whole bill (I wholeheartedly do not recommend this, you guys should really split the bill instead).

Instead, visiting a coffee shop means that people on a tighter budget can also come along and enjoy a coffee (and possibly cake!) with their loved one, treating them and making them feel special in a way they may not have had chance to do before. It gives more people the chance to go out together and treat eachother to things, even if they don't have enough money to splurge on larger items. Plus, sitting down together and chatting over coffee and cake beats expensive jewellery or three course meals, any day.

  1. Minimal Time Preparation

Now this is another easy one, where the title basically tells the story already. Organising a date for a coffee shop takes minimal preparation of time beforehand, you just pick a time and a date. Most coffee shops do not operate a reservations feature, and thus is contributing to the minimal time preparation as it's very in-and-out in a quicker manner than if you were visiting somewhere else.

Therefore, the minimal preparation needed is small enough that it can be considered as a great space to meet up with that special someone, without a huge commitment. Great for if you’re meeting for the first time and you’re potentially worried that they may not show up, or if you do meet up and it's awkward and you know that you two don't have a future together - at least then you can get out of there quicker than going through an entire dinner together. Down that cup of coffee and get outta there!

  1. More Casual

I’m talking about style and fashion here - although I don’t have a huge amount of it so don’t see me as the expert in this field!

Girls and boys, I know what it’s like trying for hours to find the right outfit for the date that you’re going on that night. Never mind just that - that’s just the very beginning of the date. You’ve got to ask yourself a long line of questions, such as just how posh is it going to be, and is it acceptable to wear flats without looking tacky or heels without looking too slutty. Guys - should you be wearing a tie or open shirt? The questions are endless and undoubtedly scare some people silly and thus put people off booking dates.

Whereas with coffee meetings, you can generally wear whatever the heck you want, and no one will judge you since the very nature of the coffee shops are bringing various people together from different walks of life and seeing them all be in the same room and enjoying the same thing together. There's no pressure for you to dress up all fancy, which lifts the overall pressure of the situation too. Remember, you're there to have fun!

  1. Laid Back

Okay, so this ties slightly in with the topic we’ve already approached above with the whole ‘casual’ side. However, I’m talking more about the emotional and mental concept of ‘laid back’ rather than the overall aesthetic as spoken about above.

By combining all of the other points that I have touched upon, I can quite clearly state that the coffee shop is a laid back environment for you to have your date in. Whether it’s a first, second or third date, it’s much easier to break the ice and make conversation in a coffee shop, or at least I think so. There's less pressure and appearances involved compared to the fancier dinner restaurants that you can visit, and to me that makes a (pardon the pun..) recipe for success!


So what do you think? Will you be taking that lovely person out to a restaurant or coffee shop? I know I’m slightly biased, but any day of the week I would choose the coffee shop, and to be quite honest I’d probably stick with that person in the long run, compared to them taking me out for dinner!

Have a wonderful evening boys and girls, whether you’re spending it with that special someone or you’re taking it slow on your own. Either way, Happy Valentines, and see you next time!