You know when there's somewhere so great that you don't want to share it because you want to keep it all to yourself? Yep, that's Blåbär.

Blåbär is a fully immersive coffee shop, where most of the items surrounding you are available to purchase.

Blåbär is a fully Skandi shop, and honestly - you feel like a huge wave of happeness, wellbeing and overall chill has engulfed you as soon as you step into this place. Candles lit on all of the tables all day, various textiles draped across walls and units, not to mention the scent of cinnamon buns and coffee filling the air gives the shop that comfortable and cosy vibe much likened to receiving a warm hug off your number one person after a long hard day.

(I’m not even exaggerating - in some ways I would say it’s better).

The coffee is good, but I’m not sure I would say it’s the best in Putney. Hey, I’ve got to be critical and honest with these shop features, you know! Putney is a great location for good coffee, so I’m not going to say anything but the whole truth. It’s not bad at all, and it is a darker coffee much likened to Scandinavian coffee, and would wholeheartedly recommend having something sweet to accompany it to go with the traditional Fika session. However, Putney has some great coffee sites and I feel like if they combined speciality coffee with all of the other aspects of the business I would be nothing short of, well, internally combusting in my own happiness.

But this is where I have to dedicate some time to talking about how their coffee is well, good. As mentioned above, it’s not bad - there’s just some really amazing options in the Putney location. However, the drink preparation was better than what I actually expected (in all honesty - this is not meant to be a dig but I wasn’t expecting my flat white to come out how it did). The flat white was served with a thin layer of microfoam, as expected, with a small heart on top. The latte art could do with a little bit of work but it was definitely there and I applaud the barista. Not only this, but the flat white was served in a glass cup, which I absolutely adored and want to source for my own kitchen. Usually I hate my coffees in glasses, so if you ever find me ordering a latte you’ll hear me asking for it in a mug (those tall glasses are the bane of my existence). However, the small handled cup made out of glass really helped the coffee shine, and was truly a pleasure to drink out of. Oh, and it looked great next to my cinnamon bun, which is always great for the photo ops.

And that’s where we get onto the whole cinnamon bun situation. And by situation I mean nothing short of dying and going to heaven from finding some buns just as tasty as a male model’s backside. When I went up to order these, I remember joking with the girl behind the till about how I just had to try the “best cinnamon buns in Putney!”, but now I feel like emailing the chucks behind Blåbär to tell them to correct that sign to the best cinnamon buns in London, as I have yet to find any which are nicer (and I honestly doubt I will)!

Seriously, if you’re looking for an indulgent treat grab a coffee and bun combo. It’s brilliant and if I could live on only one meal combination it would be that. That’s how committed I am to this flavour sensation.

Moving swiftly along, I thought it was quite important to mention the team behind Blåbär in their own little paragraph. In all honesty, these guys contribute to the amazingly laid back and chill environment by being so wonderfully lovely and friendly. Sadly, in the coffee industry you can really come across some bitter baristas, and this does seem to resonate in South West London especially, so when you come across something like this you just know its going to be do well.

To wrap it up smoothly, because I feel like I could talk about this place all day and night, I noticed that Blåbär also supply weekend breakfast options, and I know I’ll definitely be coming back here soon to sample that. This is one of those rare places that I’m sending photos of to my mum, as well as enjoying myself in my spare time. Usually we’re quite different people and our coffee shops we enjoy visiting are very different to one another, but this cute little coffee shop encapsulates everything I would want in a nearby coffee shop. Not to mention all of the gifts and homeware they have makes me want to spend way into my overdraft to have my life like those wellness-experts.

Honestly, if you’re ever in the Putney area (and you really should be, it’s a great place and I would totally live there if it didn’t cost the earth and a half), then you need to drop by. Located just off of the main high street, it’s close enough that you can easily get there, but also feels like it’s part of a side road community.