The Labin @ Chimney Fire Coffee.

So, unless you haven't been keeping up with me recently, you will know that I'm now lucky enough to be working with Airbnb as an 'Experience Host', talking about the history of London Coffeehouses.

So I did some research through the application process and was looking at other coffee experiences in the Greater London area, which was when I first came across the'Labin' in Kingston upon Thames (where I live)!

It wasn't until I delved deeper into the research that I realised that I had heard of these guys before, heading up the Roastery known as 'Chimney Fire Coffee'. Not only are they the proud suppliers of a swanky place down the road from my house, but they also have guest roasted on a couple of occasions at an independent coffee shop in my town.

Located on the other side of my town, I spent a lovely Friday evening catching buses and getting slightly lost in a place I thought that I knew the back of my hand, but once I got there it was definitely worth it.

What seemed on the outside to be a simple terraced house down a residential side, turned out to be a dream come true. A purposefully built wood cabin, housing an array of coffee related stuff: kitted out even with a micro roaster and pour over stand.

After what was a long week at work, it was great to be greeted by Dan and offered some brilliant coffee. Gladly accepting what was a superbly brewed yirgacheffe, I stood there and couldn't help but admire the space.

We chatted all about the coffee industry, where it was heading, and our coffee back stories.

Dan was kind enough to give me a handful of coffee bags to take back with me and try in my own time, but I haven't admittedly touched them as I've been way too busy - and turns out you really can have too much coffee. However, that just gives me the excuse to write another blog post on the wonderfulness that is Chimney Fire Coffee - so keep your eyes peeled!

If you're ever in the area and looking to do something outside of the main capital city, is definitely recommend hitting these guys up and booking an experience with them. You really can't beat kicking back in a coffee cabin, and drinking tons of the good stuff.

Until next time, lovelies. X