Coffee Merch: The Best of the Best.

As the love for coffee has blossomed (and continues to develop!), the number of coffee 'merchandise' on the market has grown dramatically. A good 1/3 of my wardrobe and homeware has something to do with the caffeinated stuff, and althought it's my job and it does look good to, you know, fit the brand of my blog, I'm unashamedly in love with the concept of coffee merch. Heck, you could call me the 'fangirl' of coffee. I've got to have their merch, their sell out shows (coffee festival season makes me super happy), and I've got to follow them on all channels possible.

Today, since it's Saturday and everyone loves a bit of shopping, I'll be showing you wonderful guys and gals some of my favourite nooks on the internet where coffee merchandise is at its greatest. I'm sticking to the e-commerce side of things as I wholeheartedly understand a lot of my readers aren't local to me, and thus saying a certain shop is good probably wouldn't be worth a lot of your time.

(Disclaimer 1: I'm not being sponsored by any of these companies/brands to advertise them. This is my personal choice and wouldn't cop ya'll out like that).

(Disclaimer 2: I haven't included any references to coffee books simply due to the fact that they're all basically amazing and deserve their own blog post altogether > keep an eye out for that one in the future)!


Department of Brewology Well, we've got to start with the best of the best don't we? These guys have some cool as heck coffee merchandise, including t-shirts and posters which even the lesser coffee geek would appreciate simply because of how beautiful the designs are. I remember first finding out about these guys at the London Coffee Festival a couple of years back when I spent loads of money at their stall and have loved them ever since.

Coffee Clothing Collective

Talking of stumbling across people over at coffee festivals, I first spoke to the CCC at the Birmingham Coffee Festival of all places! The chap behind it was brilliant, and the clothing is hella soft and cute without it being too 'in your face' with the whole coffee aspect. Understated coffee chic is probably the best way to put it. Oh, and you get a free bag of speciaity coffee if your buy a certain amount of stuff, which is one of the best incentives ever to stock up with cool new merch in your wardrobe. The last time I bought stuff was when they were giving away Colonna Coffee, so they only deal with the best of the best.

Square Mile

Now Square Mile is arguably one of the best and well known speciality coffee roasters out there on the English market, so it's no doubt that they'd have a cool as heck fully stocked shop up on their website too. I mean, thank goodness, as I was a bit worried when logging on to see if they'd added to it - last tiem I checked it was a bit more sparse. But low and behold, they've got some good stuff on there, including pins (yes, my absolute fav), t-shirts (check out that sweet shop one - I think I may have to buy that!) as well as books and zines. Would make any coffee geek happy.


And lastly, I've had to stop with the Etsy marketplace. Not a brand in itself regarding the creation and distribution of products, but if you're looking for an extensively wide variety of coffee merchandise then this is your place to go. Not to mention there really is practically something for everyone on there - and I should know since I also have an e-commerce store on there! Oh, and you're helping out small businesses too, which is definitely a bonus.


So there you have it lovelies - and I do apologise in advance if you're now going to see a decline in your bank accounts. But hey, trust me, you're not the only one. After sifting through these websites I've definitely been adding a few items to my baskets.

I wonder if I can pass the purchases off as necessary business items? A girl can try.

Until next time, lovelies. x