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The Baron & the Fields (Climpson and Sons).

Ah man, I'd be totally lying if I didn't say that I wasn't a slight bit emotional whilst getting set up for this blog post. Why? Well. Climpson and Sons have been a favourite of mine for many years. When I moved to London, it was the first speciality coffee I tasted in a small coffee shop (whose name now escapes me), and it's always given me that little feeling of nostalgia ever since. Established in 2002, Climpson and Sons are one of the big guys in the London Coffee scene, so I'm very excited to be writing about two of their coffees today.

Climpsons are well known for supplying darker coffee. Keeping the fruitiness you'd expect with speciality coffee, but with that traditional flavour note of chocolate which controls the fruitier notes and not making any of the cups too 'out there' - and guess what - I love that about their coffee. It's nowhere near as dark as Caravan or Monmouth, but it has this traditional cup of coffee taste which is lacking with other coffee roasters in the speciality coffee scene. They balance dark chocolatey notes with nuttiness/fruitiness in a way which well, doesn't make your mouth all dried out and bitter afterwards (quite a common occurrence once you start venturing into the dark woods of coffee roasting).

I was lucky enough to be given these bags to try from the guys over at Local Hero. If you're ever in the Kingston upon Thames or Fulham area, I would definitely recommend hitting them up - especially if you're after some super tasty brunch. The good coffee goes without saying, really.

The Baron

Everything you would expect from the 'classic' Brazilian espresso from Climpson and Sons. A smooth, well-balanced and 'traditional' tasting coffee. In my personal opinion, an espresso like the Baron is great for those cold and early mornings where you really need some of the strong stuff to get you through the day.

With notes of dark chocolate, hazelnut and marzipan, this is definitely a 'bang-for-your-buck' espresso with some rich and satisfying flavours.

The Fields

I found this espresso to be much more syrupey than the Baron, but went down a real treat whilst drinking it. I actually preferred this to the Baron, and you could taste a bit more depth to it than the above (validating the slightly raised price mark compared to their 'classic' espresso. I didn't think I would end up liking this, purely down to its flavour notes, but mixed with milk as an espresso really made it shine.

With notes of plum, grapefruit and raisin, this is a great coffee if you want still a rather 'traditional' tasting coffee, but with a bit more of an experimental finish than the classic Brazilian espresso.

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