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{Soho} Grind.

Soho Grind Feature.

Man, we’re in the presence of some coffee shop royalty in this post today. Much like a couple of features before this one, I’ve been putting off writing this blog post for quite a long time, simply due to the fact that I’ve wanted to make sure that this could be the best it could possibly be! Heck, I could simply stop the blog post there, since that’s evidence enough that these guys are good.

Right, let’s get right into it with a bit of context behind the guys at Grind, for any of you who aren't familiar with the brand. However, for most of you insta-coffee-lovers out there, I would be surprised if you hadn’t come across them at some point. As mentioned above, these guys are London royalty, and are one of the large ‘fifth wave’ coffee shops emerging in the Capital.

Soho Grind is part of a larger network of ‘Grind’ coffee shops, such as Shoreditch Grind and Holborn Grind. Grind is open for long as heck hours (no complaints there from me!), where you’re served everything from coffee, to brunch, to cakes, to cocktails. Trust me, they make a badass espresso martini, and you must know by now that I’m not easily impressed(!)

I’ll hopefully at some point visit the other Grind sites in more detail, as it would be great to feature them all on my blog with their own dedicated features. However, for now, we’re just going to be focusing on Soho Grind. These guys are the closest to the office, and with one of the earlier opening times in the Carnaby Street area, I always find myself in this shop whilst working early and watching the sunrise through the London streets.

Much smaller than their other shops, Soho Grind is a dinky little store but this definitely doesn’t compromise on their aesthetic. Very millenial-brunch-club (which is really on point for me), the sleek and smooth counter tops of the shop work well with the cool and edgy vibe the branding of Grind encapsulates. Trust me, you’ll see that from the kinds of customers you find wandering through the shop - I always feel very underdressed in comparison - they’re just all so stylish! There’s a reason I never include myself in shots when I’m in there - all of the other customers look so much better down the camera lens.

Upstairs there is very minimal seating, only bar stools with wall fixed tables where you can half-lean, half-sit. However, Soho Grind does a good job with this and has positioned them in a way which doesn’t seem overcrowded. You know I’m not a fan of going to a coffee shop where they’ve quite simply placed as many tables and chairs in the building as humanely possible, where you feel like you’re dancing around eachother (not to mention constantly being elbowed and asked to move). Saying this, however, there is a downstairs in this Grind - somewhere I’ve only hilariously ventured once (and hence why I shamefully don’t have any photos of the underground space - oops). However, it really reflects the way that Grind presents themselves - edgy, cool and stylish, but welcome to everyone.

The team in the shop are absolutely brilliant, but I’ve found that representative across Grind as a whole in many of their shops. I find that on the whole, they work hard, they play hard, but my goodness they’re all good at making coffee. There’s a passion in it too, and I really appreciate that. You walk into one of these shops and you feel the passion for the brand as soon as you get in - everyone loves being representatives of the brand in their own way, and this is reflected through the products that you receive.

Which takes me onto my final point - the coffee. This stuff is safe, as in - not too out there. It’s a full bodied, medium roast (to me at least), and it goes down a dream. It may not be anything too funky or boundary breaking, but that’s what I like about it the most. You know what you’re going to get when you go into Grind, and this doesn’t change too dramatically on either side of the spectrum. The espresso works well both as an espresso as well as a espresso with milk coffee (e.g. flat white or latte), which to me is always a dream. As much as I love wacky and wonderful coffee shops, sometimes one or the other of these menu options doesn’t work well with the espresso that they’re using, and you’re left disappointed and well, a bit out of pocket. Not with Grind though, their consistency is wonderfully refreshing, and their coffee is on point.

Oh, and have you seen the tins which the coffee comes in? Gimme. Yeah, I really need to get my hands on some of that.

So this has become quite a long ass blog post, and this is talking about only one of the Grind shops! Hopefully the rest won’t be as long - but you know me and I cannot promise anything! If you’re ever in the area, you really should pop along to Soho Grind and have a peek at the place. Trust me, you won’t miss it, the exterior is an absolute dream.

Honestly, these guys are perfection and have really got themselves sorted in the coffee industry. Since they’ve recently crowdfunded and detailed what sounds to be some amazing opportunities, I cannot wait to see what they do next.

Until next time, lovelies. x

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