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A Wanted Man.

Before I get any further with this, I thought I should mention that I found the wonderful 'A Wanted Man' through the 'EspressGo' app. I've written a couple of features on these guys which you should check out, and then go ahead and download the app afterwards. Heck, it's free!

My sister works in Chelsea just off of King’s Road, so if there’s any excuse to go see her and delve into the fancy as heck places over there I will willingly take it. Now, South West London is slowly getting there with its speciality coffee, but it really has taken awhile. I wouldn’t say they’ve ‘caught up’ with the other areas of London, either - there’s still a little while to go. Therefore, I put EspressGo to the test and location searched for the nearest coffee shop I could grab a coffee from to keep me warm whilst I waited outside of my sister’s hospital for her to finish her shift.

I had the bizarrest of thoughts whilst ordering that I was much closer to the shop than what I may have first thought: you know, King’s Road is actually a very…long..road. Who knew eh. I ran in time to the countdown of the five minute timer on the app to make sure that I got there in time.

…I didn’t.

Well, I got there in time to grab my coffee of course, and it was still at peak temperature. My apologies go out to the entire team since I hated to be that person stumbling in late for their coffee, but I’m glad they didn’t throw it away. I’m not the keenest on Caravan, and to be honest they’re quite low down on my list of ‘oh-hey-look-they-serve-insert-roastery-here-lets-go’, but these guys worked very well with the stuff.

But as much as I enjoyed the coffee, the number one thing I have to point out is their wonderful exterior. I’ve seen this coffee shop interior in photos before, but have never actually known its location! The wooden tavern-esque rustic feel pairs really well with the location, and their food and drink offering.

But we all need to stop and admire that front counter for a little while, don’t we? It’s like I’m in a speciality coffee version of Epcot.

There’s not much more I can say about the shop, since I legit only stumbled in and out in a flash to grab my to-go cup. Of course, as soon as I placed the order on my phone my sister rang me to say she was ready for me - but I would never pass on getting a good cup of coffee!

Oh, and when I took it back to the hospital to meet my sister, she had some and approved too. So yep, you’ve got two people giving it a thumbs up today, so it’s got to be good!

Until next time, lovelies. x

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