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Fitness fanatics and weight loss addicts have recently latched onto the coffee and tea markets. I've always been skeptical, trying out many different brands on the market until I finally gave up, knowing that they were all too good to be true (and all tasted absolutely terrible in comparison to any speciality coffee out there).

So when I found out about 'Vitcoffee', I have to admit I was very skeptical at first. But you know what? This stuff is good. And today is the day to write about it as I wish I'd been drinking it recently - she writes as she sits in bed feeling sorry for herself with a terrible cold.

I like this stuff because unlike the above, it does not claim all of these wondrous things for the body. It's not a miracle worker, but instead an added bonus to what is a daily routine for most anyway: having a cup of coffee in the morning. They simply state that by drinking 'Vitcoffee' instead of a regular cup of joe in the morning, you're going to get a daily dose of vitamins you otherwise would be missing out on. Isn't that just genius?

Arguably, the only thing I don't like about these guys is the fact that it's preground and you can't change the grind size of this. I'd love to be able to stick something like this into my espresso machine, but alas I'm stuck with filter. Even then, I can't play around with it as much as I would like as it's stuck to one grind size. However, I completely understand that obviously there's things mixed into the ground coffee beans to release the vitamins, thus asking for 'whole bean' wouldn't actually work. But heck, a girl can dream!*

*Since first purchasing Vitcoffee, I've found out that they are now working on an 'instant' version, which I'll definitely be looking into buying.

Sure, this stuff doesn't taste anywhere near as good as the speciality filters I'm trying on a regular basis, but this is an entirely different kind of coffee experience. For me, I get up super early, usually 5am, and grab a cup of coffee for on the go when I hit the gym or office super early. Because of this, I literally grab the quickest and easiest way to make coffee or tea to simply be able to sip as I'm travelling on the train. Vitcoffee does taste better than these crappy alternatives I have been known to opt for out of pure convenience, and with the added bonus of extra vitamins to help me through the day!

With the coffee priced at under a tenner, this stuff is definitely worth investing in if you're like me and want to switch up your routine slightly to involve something which may benefit your health a little more, but without compromising on your cup of coffee.

Until next time, lovelies. x

You can buy 'Vitcoffee' from their main website, here.

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