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The Pourover is my Fave, and Here's Why.

Long-term readers will know that I featured a piece on the wonderfulness that is the Aeropress. However, I was quick to explain on that post that it wasn't actually my favourite brewing method out there. Why's that? Well, have you used a pourover before?

My favourite way to brew coffee through the pourover method is through the V60, although there are other ways, such as through the Chemex and the Kalita wave. These are all very similar, but today I'll be focusing on the V60 as this is the brewing method I've come to know and love.

Not to touch upon the emotional too side, but I thought it was a good way to start off when saying that the V6o was the first way I learned to brew coffee. When I first started my job at Notes in Trafalgar Square, I was shown the 'proper way' to brew coffee via a V60 before I was let anywhere near the coffee machine. To be honest, I wouldn't have had it any other way, it was great to strip down all that coffee science and learn the wonderful world of pourover extraction.

One of the main reasons that I love the V60 is because of how inexpensive it is. For someone just getting started in the coffee industry, a purchase of a fiver for a plastic V60 was a minimal investment which lead to the great discovery that was speciality coffee. For just a fiver, Amazon sells plastic V60s, which usually come with a set of papers alongside with it (although do check before purchasing - don't take my word for it)! Whilst you're on Amazon, take a look at the reviews for the item - 4.5 stars isn't easy, so this shows how amazing this little filter is.

Something else really appeals to me about the V60, and that's how..well..sciencey it is. No, hear me out on this one, as I know you all may be rolling your eyes at the 'oh no i'm more into the emotional and cultural side of coffee rather than science', but damn does it look cool when you're making someone coffee with this kind of setup. Heck, Hario (the guys behind the v60), manufactured chemical glass products. Introduced a decade ago, the V60 has gone through different variations: first plastic, then ceramic, and most recently metal. Oh, and it's copper coloured. Yes, I know - but it's a tiny bit out of my price range to buy it. The copper V60 isn't just for the pretty looks and attention grabbing of millenials, though. The way metal retains heat compared to the other models is much more efficient, which thus leads to a better extraction. Better coffee, in a beautifully crafted product which looks good on your counter? Count me in.

To end this short but sweet blog post, I can't praise the V60 harder. The range of variable factors involved in brewing coffee with this little handy product makes any coffee geek excited, and it's a great way to have some fun experimenting with your favourite coffee beans to see what flavours you can get out of them.

If you're into the science of coffee and playing around, as well as easy cleaning (literally just rinse and go) and an inexpensive method, then this is your thing.*

*but please, if you like milk in yoir coffee, this probably isn't the method for you.

You can buy the V60 from Amazon here.

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