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Australia Day: Top Aussie Coffee in London.

Happy Australia Day everyone!

Yep, before I was in marketing for coffee shops I didn't even know this was a thing. You know what, that's really bad. I do have a Bachelors in History and all that...but shush.

So to make up for this, I'm dedicating today's blog post to all things Australian. Originally, I was going to talk about the 'flat white', but realised that I've already done this (oops.), so instead I'm going to show you the top Aussie coffee spots in London.

A tiny bit of coffee culture history for you - many of the main independent/speciality coffee shops with the big names in London were Australian-inspired or led. Therefore, we cannot shy away from the fact that Australians most definitely helped us in reviving the speciality coffee scene back in the early 2010s, when Third Wave Coffee was making an emergence.


When I think of Australian coffee, Antipode really fits the bill of my imagination. I haven't been lucky enough yet to travel over to Australia, but this ticks all the boxes for me. It's laid back, oh-so-cool and trendy, but also dedicating all of their energy into making high quality, gorgeous products. But let's be honest, i'm not fooling anyone. One of the main reasons this shop appeals to me so much is that cheshire cat drawing on the window. Speeaks to me on so many levels.


Now come on guys, I really don't have to talk about this place that much. If you're even slightly interested in the London coffee scene then you will most defeinitely know about Kaffeine. Once you get a job here as a barista, you are coffee industry royalty. But trust me, these guys deserve to have that title. You're always going to get killer good coffee here, but the experience is a bit cold. So if you're looking for more of a warm vibe I'd give this one a miss!

Flat White

Now I'm very sorry to actually admit this, but I've never actually visited Flat White. I KNOW. I'm disappointed with myself, don't you worry. This looks like one of those places where you'd really impress your mates with if it was known as your local jaunt, so I better start visiting...! One of the kings of the coffee industry, much like Kaffeine, these guys paved the way for the huge expansion of third wave coffee in London of the later years.

Beany Green

Sorry to the others in this list, but Beany Green is by far the trendiest and funkiest coffee shops in this post. Their interior and branding is absolutely amazing (I'm a sucker for their takeaway cups), and the people there are always really lovely. When I worked in Paddington I used to visit there shop there all the time, and was always spoilt for choice with brilliant coffee, amazing juices and fresher than fresh food.


Lantana's heading is "a little bit of Australia in London', so there's no doubts that these guys are proud of their heritage! And quite rightly too, as Australia does boast some absolutely bangin' speciality coffee. But the only way to describe the gloriousness that is Lantana is with one look at their shop design. You know when you feel like you're super fancy after stepping into somewhere which is well kept, very light and bright, with high quality produce? Yep, that's Lantana.

Until next time, lovelies. x




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