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WilliamsCoffeeCompany: 'Strawberry S'mores'

Okay, so you know that I like a coffee that much when I keep putting off writing the blog post (this was originally scheduled for yesterday may I add!) because I want to make sure I plan and write this post well enough to give the roaster the best coverage possible.

But you know, then I realised the more time I spend putting off writing this post because I want to show how amazing it is, the more time all of you guys go before I share how amazing this small roastery really is.

For any of you who read my awards of 2017, you'll know that WilliamsCoffeeCompany has already won the award for best roastery. I hadn't even written any blog post on them yet, but I got to know James in the latter part of 2017 and instantly knew that his brand was a hit. He's so passionate in everything he does, and it helps that he's just this wonderful human being who's great for a chat - whether it's to do with coffee or just general life.

So when I received a free sample of his latest coffee concoction, called 'Strawberry S'mores', I had to get brewing as soon as possible. too bad I was actually leaving the house when I received the package, and had to wait an entire 4/5 hours before I could try it out...

A Colombian coffee, which (as stated on the WilliamsCoffeeCompany website) is perfect for the filter lover, has flavour notes of strawberry, s'mores and caramel. With a cupping score of 86, this washed coffee is well balanced as a medium roast, suitable for practically all times of day.

Now, let's be a little controversial. Although it's stated that this is 'perfect for the filter lover', I tried this coffee both as a filter as well as a full on espresso (and then, espresso with milk). In complete honesty, I much preferred the espresso version of the beans, but I've got to try this in an aeropress as I could imagine the prominence of the flavour notes would be much more apparent with that brewing method. However, I was blown away by the strawberry s'mores as an espresso, especially once i turned it into a small espresso-with-milk beverage to savour before work*.

*now, this is a big deal. It takes a lot for me to decide to have a coffee before work for a couple of reasons. The first is the fact that I work with coffee shops, and thus drink a lot of coffee in the day and sometimes will feel like death by the time I get back that night as I've really overdosed, and secondly because it's such a pain to craft well (and clean well!) in what is usually a restricted time frame. Just saying. If I then take the time and effort to make myself a little espresso beverage, it then means that I think the coffee is definitely worthwhile.

Another great thing about WCC is the support it offers to the coffee community. As I plan for my coffee popup, which acts as a part-social enterprise (but more on that the other day), I find it important that I surround myself with coffee companies with a similar ethos. That's another reason I love James and his coffee roastery, since with every purchase of their beans, they donate money towards their 'community fund'. How brilliantly wonderful.

I'm desperately trying hard to not let this go to my head too much, and not let me talk for pages and pages on end about how much I love the roastery itself, as well as the strawberry s'mores coffee I have sat by my coffee setup as of this moment. Usually I take leftover coffee beans (after being sent samples from individual roasters and companies) to my family and friends, as I love sharing them and it means the beans don't go to waste. However, these beans from WilliamsCoffeeCompany are actually too good to give away, and I think I'll be keeping these all to myself. Hehe.

Until next time, lovelies.

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