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Okay, so this is technically a blog post of two parts, but I want to give these guys enough exposure because they're a brilliant little app.

Preordering apps have been floating around the coffee scene for a little while now, and there's always been some form of technology enabling this since the beginning of widespread speciality coffee in London. However, until coming across EspressGo, I really haven't come across anything which has really stuck in the coffee industry. I remember being contacted one called 'Drip' awhile back, which sold a similar concept, but never really smoothed the processes over and thus failed.


EspressGo is a brill little app and has helped me find plenty of new coffee shops in Central London which I would have otherwise left well alone. Therefore, I feel that EspressGo is a great little way of not just grabbing a speciality coffee on the go when otherwise you wouldn't have the time to do so in your busy schedule, but also supporting local businesses down all of those small side streets which you'd otherwise pass. I've come across a couple of coffee shops through this app which I now visit regularly because I love them that much after discovering them through EspressGo!

Now, when discussing the concept of preordering with a handful of people in the coffee industry, I have to admit most people have cringed and winced at the idea. They, and myself up until I downloaded EspressGo, believed it was a huge no-no in the coffee industry. After all, we go on and on about the personal relationship the customer builds with their baristas instore when they grab their favourite drink. By automating this process, surely they are stripping this personal level of service away?

And quite frankly, I do worry sometimes when preordering through these kind of apps, but in an area like London, I really welcome EspressGo. The reality is, is that I'm not always lucky enough to have the time in the world to grab that gorgeous cup of coffee to take away with me. The amount of times I've been at Euston station heading back to Birmingham to then realise that there's no good coffee around, and I don't really have the time to pop out and grab one. However, EspressGo eliminates this, and enables you to select an exact pickup time which allows you to plan out your busy schedule much better, without skimping on the quality or quantity of coffee.

Alma Cafe [Barnes] and Coffeeology [Richmond] - just two of the many coffee shops listed on the EspressGo app.

EspressGo is consistently growing, but they are adding new coffee shops to their database weekly. The likes of Redemption Roasters and Coffeeology to name a couple are a part of this app, so it's definitely being well received within the coffee industry. However, they're still very much lacking in the South West area, even though I have a feeling that many a coffee shop in this area would benefit from signing up to this. Why? Because they don't get as much engagement and exposure as other areas of London, so any advertisements for them would do them some justice.

However to me, I feel like EspressGo is going to help speciality coffee shops keep up with the competition that are the chains, who cater for the streamlined quick processes of orders and delivery. After all, Starbucks has their pre-order programme which is very well received.

Keep an eye out for a blog post next week, where I'll be featuring the wonderful creators of EspressGo in an interview. The team are absolutely lovely and I do love supporting them to make something great like this emerge in the coffee industry.

And heck, I've gone one further and managed to land you all a free coffee when you signup for the app under my URL. Just click here and download to your phone, and you'll be able to grab your next drink for free. Oh yes, you're welcome.

Wherever you are, EspressGo shows you the nearest locations and how long/how you get to the destination. Great for when you're on the go and in a hurry but you want to try and pick up the coffee on the way to your next destination.

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