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Beltane & Pop.

Oh I’m happy. Oh i’m so so happy.

My offices are located on Carnaby Street, which to any of you who don’t know London well, is just off of Oxford Street. As of today, this area has been cordoned off to set up the wonderful display that is ‘Lumiere Lights’, which is definitely a must see if you’re in or around the area. But you know what this meant? No buses were travelling down Oxford Street and I sure as heck wasn’t taking the doubly busy tube line (I mean it was 5:30pm on a Thursday and you do not want to be travelling on the tube from Oxford Street at that moment) crammed with disgruntled commuters and tourists.

So why was I happy? Well, I wasn’t at this moment, but fate dragged my feet all the way back to Southbank. When I say ‘all the way back’, it’s really not that far, but after a long and hard day at work it truly feels like it, so just go with it. I cross the wonderful Waterloo bridge (with views to die for), get over to the other side of the river known as ‘South Bank’, and come across this beauty of a stall.

Because let’s be honest, when you’ve walked for quite awhile and had a hard day at work, there’s not much better signage than seeing ‘Mulled Wine, Spiced Cider, Hot Whisky’. Oh, and the three waterfalls of pure chocolate pouring from the beer keg style taps on the van.

I look at my watch and see that it’s not even six, which really means that it’s still a no-go time to try and get through Waterloo station and head home. Like seriously, my saying to myself is: if you don’t have to go home at that time just don’t do it. It’s not worth it. Don’t believe me? Try it one day and you’ll realise what I’m going on about. And I apologise in advance for what you’ll witness travelling through Waterloo at this time.

Originally, and this is super blogger coming out of me, I was just going to take a photo of the cute as heck cart and go on my way, but as soon as I saw the waterfall of chocolate, and realised you could add an alcoholic shot of your choice, I had definitely been sold. The thought of being able to rest my feet for five minutes was also a bonus, too - as Beltane and Pop boasts what is actually quite an extensive seating area outside of the truck. Not only this, but the seats surround flame lamps, which keep the table occupiers nice and toasty whilst enjoying their hot beverages.

You can choose any of the three alcoholic beverages listed above on the main sign, but you can also choose from a milk, dark, or white chocolate base, and include add ons as you go along. Now, be aware, this stall is pricey - but you definitely get what you pay for. I opted for a milk hot chocolate with a shot of amaretto, and although I asked for ‘short’ it still came to £7.00 - enough for me to question whether it was going to be worth it.

But hey, once the young lady passed it me over and I saw the size of it, and more importantly tasted it, I knew that it had been money well spent. There was enough amaretto in the drink for you to feel that warm kick desperately needed on such a chilly night as was tonight, but not enough that you’re forcing the sips down and not truly appreciating the sweetness of the hot chocolate accompanying the alcohol.

The only thing I would say is that these guys do not provide lids with their drinks, even though they supply all of their drinks in paper ‘to-go’ cups. This was a bit of an annoyance as I was originally stopping off quickly to get to the station, and wasn’t originally going to sit down in the Southbank seating. However, looking back, I like the fact that I couldn’t whiz off with the drink and go get stressed in London. Instead, by having no lid, it forced me to sit down and have a right old people watch with all of the people going past.

Located right by the steps of Waterloo Bridge on South Bank, you really cannot miss ‘Beltane and Pop’. The cute truck stall grabs a lot of attention - and trust me, it wasn’t just me who stopped to take an instagram worthy photo of the truck to show off to all of their friends. If you’re around the area, especially in the evening as it begins to get dark and you need some cosiness added to your day, I would definitely recommend hitting this place up.

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