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Darkwoods Coffee.

Hello everyone! Today, I'm doing a little feature of those gorgeous beings over at Darkwoods Coffee.

These guys are based in the West Yorkshire Pennines, which definitely intrigued me. Some of my family live up there and to see coffee roasted so close to them definitely sparked my interest (and curiosity!) and I knew I had to slurp some of the good stuff from them.

As I mentioned above, I was intrigued by the fact that they were from 'up North'. Not only because of the relativecs, but also because of the facgt that in the coffee industry, it isn't a secret that the South of England has, up until recently, dominated the coffee scene of the country. So whenever I hear of coffee roasters North of the M25 I'm super eager to give them a go.

If I'm completely honest, I didn't have high hopes for these guys, which makes me feel super bad as I write this (as the coffee is truly exceptional). However, as the coffee was said to have 'rich berries' as one of the flavour notes, I was slightly put off: I'm not too keen on coffees with this flavour profile, as I usually find them way too acidic for me. However, this was definitely not the case for these guys, and the Panama I was given (as they were kind enough to give me this bag at an expo) went down an absolute dream.

But can we also just pause for a moment and take a look at the packaging? As a marketer in the industry, I love it when a brand reflects themselves well in their packaging, and Darkwoods has done just that. I love their understated colour scheme - nothing too flashy but something entirely comforting to view.

And let's not forget that brilliant card attached to the packaging. When I first came across these guys that was the point which dragged my attention to them from a long line of various coffee beans. It shows the time and effort by these guys, as well as their passion in the coffee that they are producing.

Oh, and not to mention the fact that they also have specialty brewing guidelines on their website to help out the coffee newbie. That's always a nice touch.

So to conclude, the flavour profiles of the 'rich berries' and 'milk chocoalte' balance eachother out perfectly when combined in the mouth. Although you'd expect something like this to be a darker roast, as they proudly present on the front of the packaging this coffee in fact only falls into the 'light roast' category, something I was very happy to hear.

This coffee suits all times fo the day - it's strong enough to drink first thing in the orning for your desperately needed wake up call, great as a mid afternoon/lunchtime pick-me-up, but also a great after dinner coffee to help you get through those last hours before bedtime. But don't just take my word for it - as you can clearly see in my photos, Darkwoods won a 'Great Taste Award' of 2017, so they're absolutely killin' it.

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