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Faculty Coffee.

Ah Birmingham, the area where all of the best people go. Or in this case the best coffee shops. And trust me, this is most definitely the case for the gloriousness that is Faculty Coffee.

Constantly rotating their coffee on offer, Faculty boasts an array of wonderful coffees from wonderful roasters across the country (and beyond)! Not only this, but the baristas know exactly what they’re doing and provide a wonderful cup of coffee with every order.

Now, I always have to drop in at least once whenever I’m travelling through Birmingham to go back to visit my mum. This place is just too good to miss, and I really do mean that. Located just outside of the back entrance of New Street Station/Grand Central Birmingham, right at the beginning of the entrance to Piccadilly arcade, lies this absolute gem.

For such a small space, Faculty boasts a decent number of seats, although I would only recommend visiting on your own or with one other, since the tables are small. Not uncomfortably small, but you wouldn’t want to try and squeeze more than that. Also, the shop is split into two sections - one with the main coffee shop and one with a bakery. You can sit in either room, and you get a cool vibe in either one, but I’d definitely recommend you taking a trip and sitting in both of them at one point as you do get very different experiences from one another.

A couple of visits ago I got into a conversation with one of the chaps there. I don’t know if he was the owner, manager, or random barista, but he was an absolute gem. I asked him about the difficulty of specialty coffee in Birmingham (it’s still, unlike London, not a huge deal), and how they manage with this right by the commuter hub that is the main station. He only had good words in response and praised the shop and all of the customers he sees, which makes me know that Faculty truly understands and appreciates all of their customers.

Also, I’d like to take another moment and appreciate the fact their customer service is always bang on to me (and every other customer I see) who visits. Most times I visit I usually come at that dreaded <30 minutes before close and I’ve even been victim to not being too kind to customers by this point, especially after a long day. However, these guys are smiling ’til the end of their shifts, and I’ve had many a good conversation with them. Hats off to you guys and girls, you’re bloomin’ larvely.

But it doesn’t just stop at the coffee. Oh no it really doesn’t. Their cakes are superb. Like seriously, they’re amazing. I just..can’t..stress..this enough. There’s only so many words in the english dictionary I can say to describe these wonderful things but that still wouldn’t justify how wonderful their cakes selection are.

To be honest, Faculty is one of those shops I’m always going to make the effort to visit, even if it’s the only reason I’m popping into Birmingham (and trust me, sometimes it has been). I’ve visited that shop with kilos and kilos of luggage to take to and from London, but have still dragged them up the stairs of Piccadilly arcade - and trust me, that isn’t an easy feat at ALL. But seriously, Faculty coffee is definitely worth it. So heck, if I can drag all of my stuff up those steps to visit them, you can too. You definitely have no excuse, especially if you’re in the area, or even just passing through Birmingham New Street on the train. Trust me, you won't regret it.

Until next time, lovelies - have a good one.

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