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'Pour Your Heart Into It' Book Review

So today is a first for this blog; I’m reviewing a book!

I have a large number of books focusing on the coffee industry, and I’m slowly plundering my way through them ,so hopefully will do more of them in the future. Coffee books are a great way to learn a lot more about the coffee industry, whether that’s through business, how-to guides, or the history of it.


But today I’m talking about the business aspect of it, or if you want me to be more specific, the Starbucks’ business.

‘Pour Your Heart Into It’ is an autobiography written by the man himself, Howard Schultz. Now, you may have realised that I’m not the biggest fan of Starbucks Coffee out there, but I do very much admire there business strategy. I spend weeks and weeks researching how Starbucks was built from the ground up, and who it took to make the company grow to as big as it is now. After all, we have a lot to thank with Starbucks, as they arguably were the ones who brought the pleasure of sitting in coffee shops back as a leisure time after those couple of hundred years ago.

(and yes, that is coffee poured..all..over it - there was an unfortunate moment involving this book, a bumpy train, and a cup of coffee).

Pour Your Heart Into It is one of the earlier books written by Howard Schultz, but it is in no way amateurish. I haven’t yet stumbled into any of his later published books so can’t say if they delve any further, but Schultz obviously doesn’t talk about how Starbucks is now (as this book was published quite awhile ago)! However, what he really focuses on is his own experience of joining the company (when it was still only several stores), and how he changed the way Starbucks operated as a company. When he joined, it was still a shop which simply sold retail bags of coffee, and it wasn’t until his trip to Milan where he realised that Starbucks should be doing what all of those Italian cafes had been doing on his holiday.

Quite honestly, I love Pour Your Heart Into It. I’ve read the book a good several times all the way through, and have picked up the book to read certain select chapters at times when I’ve needed a bit of a boost to my own career. Howard Schultz wasn’t from the wealthiest family, or the smartest background, but he proved everyone he could do it and built one of the largest and most recognised companies in the world. Since this is quite an old book, it’s not too expensive on Amazon either, so I’d totally recommend you grab a copy to read yourself.

Whether you're a budding coffee fanatic, a shop owner, a barista or a person simply interested in business and/or Starbucks, then this book is definitely for you. Promise.

If you do, or if you have already read it, drop me a line on my instagram, twitter or facebook.

Until then, my lovelies. Have a wonderful day!

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