The Things I Miss About Being A Barista..

Okay so, look, I really love my job. I really really do. I’m very grateful for the jobs I’m able to do with my experience in the coffee industry, but there’s some really great things about being a Barista in a coffee shop that I really do miss. I mean, I’m reminded of them almost every day when I work with/in coffee shops and I see the Baristas having loads of fun.

So whether you’re a budding barista, a barista who needs a bit of a reminder as to why your job is so cool, or someone who’s just interested in the barista life, here’s a little note to tell you what exactly I miss about the job role.


1. The Community.

And by that, I don’t mean the local community by which your coffee shop is located (although I will be going onto customers real soon). Instead, by community, I mean the people who you surround yourself with day in and day out.

They aren’t just your colleagues, many of these baristas who I’ve worked with have developed into cemented friendships. Trust me, you spend a lot of time together, so it’s much easier for you to get along. You dislike the same people (those rather difficult customers are always less troublesome if you can have a laugh about them with your colleague), and you spend a large portion of your waking life with one another.

Also, the fact that you’ll see each other when opening a shop at goodness knows what hour in the morning creates a level of bonding between humans which others who have had the fortune never to have had to do that will never know.

2. The Customers

Okay well in the future when I write a blog post about ‘things I don’t miss about being a barista’, you’ll probably see this one pop up there too. Confused? Yeah, well you shouldn’t be, because ‘customers’ are a very large spectrum of people I will see in a day when I’m at work.

However, I’ll never forget all of those amazing customers I met throughout the years who almost became a friend more than anything. They’d remember little details about your life, which you would never expect you to do, and were always there for you if your day wasn’t going as well as it should have been. Bonus points to many of them who used to butt in and stick up for you if you were dealing with an overly arsey-for-no-apparent-reason customer.

3. The Hours

This is where a lot of you may see me as crazy, and I completely understand that as when I discuss this one with friends they’re always the same. I loved waking up super early (I still try and wake up at like, 5am, don’t judge), and grabbing a train to see the sun rise with the city. Not only that, but because I started work at like, 6:30am, my day would be over by early afternoon and I’d always find myself going out and exploring more because of it.

4. The Actual Job(!)

You know what, and sometimes it pains me to say it, but I miss washing up with those huge industrial dishwashers and doing loads of dirty cutlery in one go. It was super satisfying (I know, I’m a strange one - but I still enjoy washing up at home so I know I’m not romanticising this).

But on the whole I’m not talking about the washing up, or the customer service. I’m talking about the glorified barista role you see in all the movies. I miss spending my days pulling shots and pouring cute as heck latte art and making great cups of coffee for happy customers. There’s something satisfying as working hands on with coffee that I really do miss. But heck, any of you who are baristas yourselves know how satisfying it is to pour a symmetrical and silky rosetta in your flat white. Just saying.

5. The Knowledge

Coffee is an industry you’re never going to conquer, and the sooner all of those super pretentious baristas realise this then the sooner the coffee world will become a better place. The joy of working in a coffee shop is the variety of different baristas who come and go throughout your time there. I’ve met some absolutely amazing people during my time working as a barista, and I learned so much from those from different countries, backgrounds and coffee shops. Every day has the potential for you to learn something new, or teach someone something new, and to me that’s such a fulfilling job.


So there you have it. I’ve got it all out in the open, telling you the top five things that I miss about being a barista. But trust me, the jobs I have now are absolutely amazing and I wouldn’t swap them for the world. Being a barista isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be, but you can read that on other blog posts of mine where I’ve gone into more depth about working in a coffee shop.

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post. In the meantime, stay caffeinated my lovelies.