Wahey! My internet seems be coping long enough for me to write and upload this. If you haven't heard yet, I'm having a huge problem with TalkTalk internet and they're refusing to fix it. So heck, writing these once a day blog posts are harder than they ever were before! Once my internet is sorted, I'm definitely not allowed to complain about this!

So today, I skipped the regular office location of Kingston upon Thames and went for a new view over at Esher. Well, when I say 'new', it's not that new. My old barista pal has been working as the manager over at that site for a little while now, and I've not been a stranger to the place before than anywho. Located in Esher and just a bus ride away from me, it's a great little escape from the hustle and bustle of London.


Giro, as you can guess by the name of the coffee shop, is home to the cyclist community. Two thirds coffee focused and one third cycling shop, there's a great mixture of the residentials of Esher, as well as cyclists coming from far and wide in the London area. Graced on the wall of Giro is a great cycling map of just some of the routes cyclists may be using to head to the shop.

I popped in today, which if you're not reading as of today and thus don't know, is Friday. If i'm completely honest, I was quite taken aback at how busy the place was, although the regular clientele of the place was not filled. Instead, from what I could overhear from coffee shop customers, most of them were grabbing coffee (and loads of cake - not to my surprise since it all looked super delicious) for their local offices. Esher, for a small residential area, can be quite bustling if visiting at the right time. And obviously, the majority of the town had decided to visit Giro at the same time as I did..! But don't be fooled, for what is quite a small space in their coffee shop, there's a deceptively large amount of seats available. I was able to grab a seat quite easily, although the coffee shop seemed full to the brill.

In the days of warmer weather we also call Summer, there's also seating available outside. Great for the cyclists, but I wouldn't entirely recommend that to people wanting more of a 'zen' moment. Giro, like the Esher high street as a whole, is smack bang on top of a very busy road. So you know, I wouldn't recommend it unless you're overspilling from lack of seating inside, or you're a cyclist who finds it easier to sit outside with their bike rather than chaining it up.

Now - the coffee. Oh the coffee. You may have seen my recent blog post about the gorgeousness that is Beanberry Coffee. If you haven't, check it out, because I love those guys and they need as much recognition as possible. As I've said in the previous post, Beanberry is their own roastery, and supplies coffee for nearby areas. Yep, you guessed it (otherwise what would be the point in writing this here???) - Giro uses Beanberry beans for their coffee.

I had a couple of different filters today, but I have to say the 'Gidey' went down an absolute treat. Honestly, I don't know if it was the barista who made it or if the coffee was just insanely good (i'm leaning towards both), but there was absolutely no acidity in that cup, with well balanced flavours down to the last sip. Oh, and it tasted just as good cold so I'd definitely grab some of that in the summer to make my own cold brew. That coffee is actually available online, so if you trust my judgement that much, you can order some on their website here.

One thing I would say, and which I already mentioned to the guys when I was there, was that I think it would be brilliant if they mixed things up and also offered a guest filter. They're in a pretty savvy coffee spot, so I'm sure it would go down an absolute treat to have a rotational coffee from another roastery. Get's me excited and all that.

I didn't try any of the food (i'm an avid low-carb/low-sugar diet person, so cakes are definitely out of the question), but I was given huge recomendations and a regular customer sat next to me told me that they adored the brownies and cakes. The lime and pistachio cake almost swayed me, but I had to stay true to myself. Heck, if I tried a piece of cake everytime I visited a coffee shop to review, I wouldn't be able to fit through the door! But man, didn't they look good.

Giro also offers breakfasty/brunchy/lunchy options, including THE LARGEST PORTION OF AVOCADO ON TOAST I HAVE EVER HAD THE PLEASURE TO SEE. No, seriously, there's a reason I've put that in caps. You definitely get your worth for your money, and I'm one heck of a stingy girl. Oh, and it's good stuff. Their brunch items won me over the first time I tried it, and take my parents there everytime they're down now (as they're avid fans of Claremont Gardens just down the road).

Lastly - the shop itself. They've got some cool as heck lighting up, which I'm pretty certain was up for Christmas decorations but makes the shop look that much warmer and I would wholeheartedly recommend them to keep it up all year round. I mean, if they don't want to, I'll gladly take it home and put it in the hallway of my flat, it just looks so darling. The entire team there were gorge - obviously I've got to say the manager was lovely, but he truly is (big up Mo!) - but I had words with the rest of the team at one point or another and they were so happy to be working there and up for a laugh and chat, which always makes a coffee shop I visit 100x better.


You can catch the train to Esher, or catch a bus (I'd recommend that more). I know a lot of you reading this won't actually visit as it's just not doable, however if you do ever see yourself in this area then you really need to make the effort to drop by and people-watch all of the cyclists (and rich kids of Esher) having their daily shot of caffeine.

Until next time, lovelies.

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