Update with the whole, writing once a day thing.

(No, I'm not giving up).

Okay, so this is the first day I can wholeheartedly say that it’s been a bit difficult to bash something out on here for the blog. And by ‘bash out’ I mean put my heart into writing something. Honestly, don’t take it personally my lovely boys and girls - it’s the fact that my entire life recently has been consumed by TalkTalk customer service. I won’t bore you with too many of the details, besides the fact that our internet doesn’t seem to work and they want to charge us silly money to do anything about it. Needless to say, if you know me, that I don’t let people (or large corporations!) get away with it.

So basically I haven't had internet access for a couple of weeks now - I’ve nearly maxed out my data allowance for the month too because I’ve been non-stop tethering off my phone for a couple of weeks straight. It’s absolutely terrible. Oh, and the fact all of customer service have been super snarky and super unhelpful (someone started charging us for a new bill even though we wrote (you know, for written documentation) that we did not want to sign up. But heck, whatever. Apparently that’s how the world works. So yes, apologies, but this is going to be more of a little blog post more than anything updating you. I’d rather not waste one of my wonderful and glorious posts I have lined up for you because my mood has been spoiled by other people today. Something I hoped wouldn’t happen as much in 2018!

So this is my little blog update of the 11th January. Technically it’s not a blog post of sorts but it’s one telling you about my eventful life as of the moment. Because you know, blogging once a day is hard! But in all honesty, I’m really loving it. It’s making me feel so much more creative and I’m rekindling my love for the blog. As if like a new relationship, we’re in that exciting ‘what will happen next’ phase, which everyone else around you hates. But heck, I don’t care - I’m having fun - and I’m glad loads of you are enjoying coming along for the ride too!

That’s me done, and I’m sorry that it hasn’t been too coffee related today. Heck, I had a single origin Ethiopian flat white from Beanberry coffee today, and a Columbian single origin long black from the Department of Coffee. See? Managed to squeeze some coffee stuff in here. Hehe.

Until next time, lovelies - have a wonderful day (and don’t sign up for TalkTalk just saying).