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A day in the life of a coffee shop social media marketer.

Let's be honest, I have a brilliant job. Well, brilliant jobs, as a matter of fact.

When I'm not blogging (which I still only view as a part-time venture at the moment even though I've upped the frequence of posts!), I'm for the majority a social media manager, specialising in the coffee industry. Once I graduated from University, I realised that I should really focus on my niche of coffee shops. After all, I'm an avid fan of taking photos of coffee in my spare time anyway and posting them all over social media, I should make the most of my passion and help out others who may be stuck!

I know a lot of friends who are hmming and harring over what exactly they want to do, and what they can do career wise, so I thought I'd share a day in the life of being a coffee shop social media manager. Note: the day I will be detailing is one of the weekend. I am a full-time marketer with a brilliant brilliant coffee shop microchain, which is taking up most of my time in the weekdays. Most of t



I know, I know. It's the weekend Izzy - have a lie in! But there's too much to do in a day, especially as my schedule is so busy at the moment. Also, I find that regulating my wakeup hours all week actually makes it easier than waking up early for the weekdays and having massive lie ins over the weekend. Completely messes up my body clock. I then proceed to watch an episode (or two) of Frasier whilst getting ready.

8am - 10am

I check what's been happening overnight. Although this is the weekend, I do check up on all of my shops' posts every day to make sure everything is running smoothly. This is also the time I take out to reply to any comments, feedback, or direct messages. Best to get them done in the morning so if there's anything huge I have the day to deal with it and alert whoever I need to. Also - many people direct message early in the mornings to see if a coffee shop is open that day and when, so it helps to be on the ball.

10am - 12pm

I tend to try and hit up a coffee shop for the rest of the morning, as mornings are my most productive time so I like to go out and crack on with things. I'm currently in the process of trying to find a co-working space which fits me (and my budget!), so the coffee shop may be replaced with that in the future. It also feels like I'm still relaxing over the weekend if I go slurp a cappuccino whilst doing my admin, and I let myself from time to time gaze out the window (or at a cute as heck barista) as a five minute break to myself.


I tend to spend time with either myself, if no one is free, or take this time to see someone. I mean it is the weekend, and everyone should meet up and say hello with one another. I live in a great area of London, and i'm right next to Richmond park, Bushy park and Wimbledon Common, so it's great excuse to nab some takeaway hot chocolates and head on over for a walk (although it's a bit too cold to be doing that at the moment)!

2pm - 3pm

I try and touch base with the potential coffee shop lovelies out there who want to work with me. I explain in detail how the job works, and what it means to them to be in collaboration with me. It works wonders both ways as I get to work and talk with some absolutely wonderful people (and usually get free coffee too - what a perk!), but they also get a whole load of commitment and effort off their chest. The idea that these guys can instead focus on quality, consistency and the day to day operations of a shop instead of faffing about with social media gives me a buzz, and I tend to drop back into coffee shops to see how much they have developed.

3pm - 5pm

By 3pm, I feel like my workday is over. This is when I'm dedicating myself to the admin side of the job - e.g. researching new techniques and seeing what is developing in the coffee industry online to stay one step ahead of the competition. I would tell you all of the things I take note of and the process, but then what's stopping you from starting your own social media business? Ah you see? I can be clever.

5pm - 6pm

By this point I'm beginning to wind down from the workday. On some days if I've plowed through my to do list and things which need to be done, then I'll be relaxing by this point. However, other days, I'm sending update emails and talking to new potential clients. If I have yet to do so, I'll also go ahead and schedule the week's worth of posts so I'm not worrying about that and can focus on other areas of social media management.


And there you have it! That's the gist of one of my day's at work, focusing on my social media management. I'm so lucky to be able to be in a career that I love to pieces, as well as have time to blog as much as I do and meet some extraordinary people in the process. Social media management is a great job, and I'm always accepting new clients (if any of you are reading this and are interested to hear more). If you're also young and unsure of what job to go into, I would also wholeheartedly recommend this as a field to look into, especially if you're into a certain niche and use social media frequently in your personal life too.

However, I've got to get off and edit a spreadsheet for the above. I know, it's not all glamorously sitting around coffee shops and talking to coffee lovers!

Until next time, lovelies.

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