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Richmond upon Thames isn't known for its coffee scene compared to many towns (but let's be honest, the South West of London is somewhat lacking in coffee numbers compared to the other areas of the Capital), but this is not the only reason Coffeeology stands out from the crowd.

Put together in a wonderful building in the heart of Richmond, Coffeeology stands proudly in the middle of the town, showing what good coffee can do to a place which is otherwise a desert.

Coffeeology rotates the coffee that they have on offer, and on today's visit I was especially blown away by their espresso. I don't know if this was down to the barista or the bean (although I'm leaning towards a bit of both), but I definitely walked away thinking that the flat white was the best coffee I'd had for a little while.

The seating inside is minimal, so I would recommend this as a destination better suited for coffee on the go rather than somewhere when you're relying upon getting a seat. But let's be honest, when you have such an amazing venue for your coffee shop you can be excused for the lack of seating inside! However, once a couple of people have ordered their coffee to go, it does get relatively cramped and hard to move (in or out)!

It's almost luck of the draw to get a seat there, but when I was at University I didn't visit at some off-peak random times and seats were available, so maybe try then if you're desperate to sit down and enjoy your coffee inside. There are seats located outside too, great for the people-watching (highly interesting in such an affluent area like Richmond!). However, it's very chilly at the moment in London so I, amongst many, are grabbing their coffee to go and having a wander around the area (which is definitely not too shabby!) to keep themselves warm.

For a small coffee shop with brilliant coffee and a great atmosphere, there's not much more I can say to that. Coffeeology are featured on the 'EspressGo' app, an order ahead app for the specialty coffee industry. If you're a coffee lover in London, I'd definitely recommend downloading it. Heck, if you download using this link here [hello!], then you'll even get a free coffee from yours truly. I know, you're welcome.

I'd definitely recommend a trip down to the shop, as it is one of those small hidden gems you get so excited to come across, and the team are super welcoming when you walk through the door. Oh, and the barista was cute too (I'm sorry, I had to).

You can check out Coffeeology's Instagram here, and whilst you're at it - get yourself onto mine, too!

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