Why buy the Aeropress?

Some of you chucks may know that I don't actually *shock horror* own an aeropress. Why? Just never got around to buying one, if I'm completely honest. However, that doesn't mean that I have never tried my hand at them - in fact at one point I worked with a chap who won an Aeropress championship and ended up learning a few pointers from him which made my coffee immediately taste 100x better.

The fact that I've never bought one myself doesn't entirely mean that I don't like them, but I'm more of a fan (personally) of the V60. I've grown up in my coffee industry using them - I learned to master the pourover before the espresso machine, so I hold it close to my heart. But that's not saying I do not recommend the gizmo - after all, the Aeropress holds many benefits which will definitely make your coffee taste astounding.

1. It makes a smoother, and more well-rounded, cup of coffee.

- The full immersion of the coffee beans through the methods used in the Aeropress, as well as the slower and less harsh process than other filter options means that your coffee will have a smoother flavour to it. It won't be too bitter, nor too sour (under/over extracted) if you take the time to make sure you make an Aeropress well - and you'll definitely be rewarded with the wonderful taste for any hard work you put in.

2. It's cheap.

- Okay, so technically a V60 is cheaper in the initial purchase, but for what the Aeropress offers, and how advanced it is means that you get a brilliant bang for your buck. Also, coffee shops (and the likes of Amazon!) usually stock Aeropresses in small bundle deals, saving you more money on your speciality coffee shop.

3. It looks good.

- This one doesn't take much explaining. Like, come on - you look like one heck of a snazzy person if you rock up with an Aeropress and make some killer coffees. People love the pushing down of the vacuum, and I've had many a customer oggle me when I've been brewing in a shop!

4. It's portable.

- I know coffee peeps who take these glorious pieces with them when they go camping. Made out of plastic and rubber, the Aeropress is lightweight and easy to clean, making it great to carry with you on trips. The small and compact size (as the pieces all fit into eachother for easy storage) makes it easy to pack into your luggage without it taking up loads of space, also.

5. It's quick and easy.

- I get a lot of people (my family included) asking about having just a quick and 'normal' (i shudder at that word) cup of coffee, and the Aeropress does just that. Of course it's a slow immersion method with the beans, but the overall process of making a cup of coffee with the Aeropress is tiny indeed. Also, the process, once learned and understood, is very easy to do over and over again, making the Aeropress a great present for the coffee connossieur or newbie alike. Also, the fact that there are two different methods which can be used to make coffee through the Aeropress gives more flexibility and learning space for a new fan.


I hope I've convinced you to jump on board now and grab yourself an Aeropress. It's hovering in my Amazon wishlist and I know I'll have to bite the bullet and buy one soon, especially since I no longer work directly in coffee shops so I have to make that tiny bit more of an effort to have good coffee!

You can shop the Aeropress on Amazon here.

It's currently on offer and has been reduced to a price unlike what I've seen in any coffee shops in London. You could be drinking perfectly brewed coffee from your shiny new Aeropress by early next week!

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