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Bayleys of Bromsgrove.

Right, I've got just over half an hour to crack out a quick review of Bayleys of Bromsgrove, but I really don't want to rush it. I didn't think to factor in that this New Years Resolution shabang of blogging once a day may not coincide well with my daily career, especially if there's deadlines that I'm having to work late into the night for. Oops. Oh well, as long as I make it before the midnight deadline each day then no one is allowed to complain, harhar!

Bayleys of Bromsgrove was first alerted to me on a whim when I was scrolling through my friend's activity on Instagram. I remember coming across it and seeing nice fancy photos of coffee, and was alerted to the 'Bromsgrove' in its title. You see, for any of you who don't know, I'm from this town and spent most of my days walking past the site where Bayleys of Bromsgrove is now open. As I did more and more research of the place (even before it had opened), I knew I had to get a trip up to the Midlands as soon as possible to go explore and see what was happening.

[Also apologies for a lack of an outside shot. The weather was rubbish when we arrived and it was still dark and didn't make it look good at all].

Bromsgrove is located in Worcestershire, a county in the West Midlands. Also this is not to be confused with coming from Birmingham, which many people automatically assume with me (I don't even have the accent)! However, the Midlands is still quite a fair bit behind the rest of the country in regards to their specialty coffee (I recently tweeted to the Best Coffee App asking why they hadn't included Birmingham on their map yet!), so whenever a shop does pop up I always have to make the effort to visit.

Bayleys uses Quarter Horse Coffee for their espresso, which I was super excited about. QHC is probably (in my opinion) the most well known coffee roasting company located in Birmingham, and for a good reason. Their roasted coffee is absolutely banging. A bit darker than what I'm used to in London (of course), but it goes down a treat and really delivers a punch to the drink. Therefore I knew that, as long as the guys in the shop didn't fudge it up, I would be getting a great cup of coffee from the guys at Bayleys of Bromsgrove.

The coffee was steamed to the perfect temperature for me, although my flat white was served in a glass (personal preference with this - i'm more of a mug kind of girl). They provided extra levels of service to me and my family who visited; making sure our drinks were okay, asking at purchase if we wanted sugar (admittedly both adults did, and I cringed). It's the little touches which make a coffee shop stand out, and Bayleys of Bromsgrove did just that. Arguably, the latte art wasn't entirely up to scratch, but as you know that's only a tiny thing for me. As long as the coffee tastes superb (and it sure as heck did), then I'm not as fussed. The only reason I get fussed is for when I write a review like today and the coffee shots aren't as 'aesthetically pleasing' to the eye as they may be with a symettrical piece of latte art, but I'm sure my readers can get passed that!

Much to my mum's dismay (their was much rolling on my behalf), there isn't much of a food offering. From what I've seen, Bayleys do provide food in the form of pasties, which apparently taste absolutely amazing (I'm going off their own social media here though, but their photos did look appetising)! We weren't able to try any of them as they weren't available when we dropped by, but it was the first day back after the Christmas break and we were there early, so I wouldn't have expected them to anyway, so no points taken away for that!

The atmosphere of the place was very different to everything I knew of Bromsgrove, but in a good way. It was very industrial, with grey tones everywhere and an open space feeling in there. I could imagine this would be especially great in the late evenings when Bayleys changes over to a craft drinks venue where everyone can thus stand up and mingle and hang around the serving bar. When talking to the guys behind the bar when I was visiting, they spoke about how the area of Bromsgrove where the shop located is trying to be sold as the creative and more 'hip and trendy' side of Bromsgrove, which I'm still skeptical (although hopeful!) about.

So there you have it. What was meant to be a short and sweet review ended up as quite a long one. But hey, they deserve it. Hopefully Bromsgrove will use this opportunity to take a step forward and embrace the community of the town and drive it towards the future after what has been quite a dreary slump for it as of recently. And heck, now that Bayleys is around, I may just have to pop back home more often!

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