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Beanberry Coffee, Kingston

I feel totally bad for saying this, but I've meant to have written this post for a good year so now. Heck, I think the place has been open for well over a year now, and I've wanted to write about this place as soon as it landed in Kingston so for that I am genuinely sorry that I have only just gotten my backside into gear. But heck, that's what this whole 'blogging once a day' New Years Resolution is all about.

So here it is. Beanberry Coffee. Deep breath Izzy, don't mess it up.


Beanberry Coffee is a coffee roaster first and foremost specialising in premium grade coffee, and have supplied a handful of well known shops (including the cyclist haven Giro not too far away in Esher). I'd visited Giro before even hearing about Beanberry, but when the shop opened in Kingston two and two were put together and it clicked that I had to be a part of what was such a great shop.

Beanberry is situated off the main high street of Kingston upon Thames, and with little signage on it's front (albeit great window space!) I was worried that they wouldn't survive. However, Beanberry is, to this day, still bustling on most occasions as they've combined so many great things to appeal to the coffee lovers of Kingston upon Thames.

Forever a favourite of mine when I'm travelling via Kingston station, their flat whites are to die for. Perfect hand holding size (especially when taking a photo, usually that's hard to do - haha!), and with the best combination of milk to espresso.

When entering Beanberry, you know that the team understand exactly what they are doing (and more). You know that your coffee is in good hands when ordering, and is reflected in the higher-than-average-but-TOTALLY-appropriate pricing. Trust me, there have been a few occasions where I've sat next to a whiny old couple who haven't gone two second without grumbling about the price of their latte, and where I've nearly bitten back.

But as much as I want to applaud their espresso based beverages, it's in the filter coffee where Beanberry truly shines. Hand brewed gorgeous with an accuracy and attention to detail you won't find anywhere else in the vicinity, Beanberry takes the time and effort with every filter they make, dedicating themselves to it and never rushing. Heck, if you're in on a good day you may catch them messing around and trying new things, where they let you taste some rare coffees.

The interior of the shop is gorgeously understated. Appealing to all sorts, from working professionals, to students, to OAPs (but not like the ones I've already mentioned...ahem), Beanberry has a laid back industrial vibe, with open pipes and large polished wooden tables. For a relatively small seating space, the area has been constructed well to allow as many customers in as possible without it feeling overcrowded or forcibly placed to get as many people in the door as possible without any attention to their comfort.

Lastly, before I head off, I've got to raise a glass (or cup for that matter) to the wonderful team who make Beanberry a glorious place. It's rare to ever have an 'off' day with any of their staff, something which many coffee shops struggle with. Everyone smiles, has a great nature, and to top it all off, can make bleedin' good cups of coffee.

So trust me when I say if you're ever in the area, you should make the effort to visit Beanberry. Heck, if you're not in the area you should be sorting out a navigational route as we speak because this is truly a gem.

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