Awarding the wonderfully caffeinated of 2017.

I've managed to follow my New Years Reso- of posting daily for two days now...and that's already longer than what I originally thought I'd do! I've ended up with a massive flu-like bug, which isn't great, but I'm plowing through because I've got one heckuva brilliant blog post today.

Because today, we're celebrating those of 2017 who made the coffee and blogosphere glorious.

It was quite difficult to narrow these down and only select a handful of people, as there were some absolutely amazing individuals who helped 2017 be that little bit more worthwhile. But enough about me, let's get onto celebrating those who deserve a heckuva lot of recognition.

Let's start with the one that gets you up in the morning. Yes, the Barisieur is the coffee-lover's best friend. Set a time on its alarm clock and it'll set you up for the day with a perfectly brewed coffee. Stir from your slumber with the glorious smell of freshly made coffee.

You can't get much more beautiful than that, boys and girls. The only thing better would be having your own hunky barista to pour you a v60 by your bed.

Preorder it here: - get the chance to fund it's kickstarter and receive a discounted Barisieur.

If I'd been doing these awards for awhile, Jess would have consistently hit the awards. She supplied my cups of coffees at my university coffee shop whilst I was studying (and sobbing into history books), before moving onto Grind management. If you haven't been keeping up with the coffee news, Grind are taking the world by storm and it's exciting to know someone who's going to be at the forefront of that venture.

Not only this, but Jess is a wonderfully talented human being, and not only on the coffee front. She illustrates coffee-themed pieces and I'm super excited to hear that she's recently been gifted an ipad pro to help her out.

Make sure you go ahead and follow her instagram here.

Oh Clark. Clarky Clarky Clark.

I first got to know Clark when I had a mahoosive break up and he was there for me and we coffee-geeked with one another and chilled with his cat. Then when I found out that he was starting a coffee blog and so the coffee-geeking went further than ever before I jumped on that train without caring about that 3% rail fare hike. He combines a great humour of working in coffee shops and its realities, as well as getting down and technical when he needs to be.

I mean, his commitment to the Pact Advent Calendar series is unparalleled in the coffee world. I gave up on the 4th day.

Check out his blog here.

Out of all of the awards, this was the hardest to narrow down to, but Vanilla Black was always going to be featured (even if they were alongside someone else). Using AllPress espresso, the vibe and interior of this place is unparalleled to any coffee shop I've ever been to. It combines a cute little gift shop with amazing coffee, food, AND SERVICE. Yes, you heard me, it's got the unspoken power of three which makes a coffee shop golden.

Whatsmore, this was the closest coffee shop to my office of my last job, and if you've been keeping up with me, you'll know that company was an absolute nightmare. So I hand it to the guys and gals over at VB Kennington for keeping me sane during my time there. (seriously, thank you guys. A lot).

If you're ever around Kennington, I would 10/10 recommend you going there, and as much as I want to rant and rave (in a good way!) about this place I've already written a review about this place, which you can check out here.

Okay okay, I've cheated. But hey, I've had the absolute pleasure of trying some absolute amazing corkers of coffee this year so can you blame me for not being able to choose just one? I've split the award into two: ethos, and quality.

Every roastery in the specialty coffee scene that I've had the pleasure of trying have had a wonderful ethos, and bright personality. However, 'Williams Coffee Company' is in a whole other ballpark. If you ever have the pleasure of meeting him, do it. He puts pride into each and every batch he makes, all the way down to the packaging of each process and ensuring that all of his products are sent and received in good time. Check WCC and shop his gorgeous beans here.

And my oh my, how on earth could I have missed out the gloriousness that are Outpost coffee and their team? Friendly as heck (I had the pleasure of chatting to these guys at the Birmingham Coffee Festival and they made my day), but their digs in Nottingham are amazing. Oh, and the coffee. It's unlike anything I've ever tasted. No, seriously. I'm saying that. I did a review on them earlier in the year, which you can read here.

A couple of years ago I was relatively close with a team of app developers who created a very similar style app to EspressGo, but couldn't keep it going and ended up closing down. So when EspressoGo got in contact with me all those months ago and informed me of their app I downloaded it right away.

EspressGo allows you to order ahead and collect from specialty coffee shops all around London. They do it in a way which doesn't lose the friendly atmosphere that you may do with other click and collect apps. What I also love about it is that you top up your prepaid EspressGo account, and therefore it's great if you want to gift someone the joy of coffee.

It's also revealed local coffee houses which I had never known about before, which is another great bonus of the app.

EspressGo is a great app, and free to download. So I would go ahead and do it - After all, you've got nothing to lose.


And there you have it, my lovely coffee beans.

I just could not leave 2017 behind without paying respects to the wonderful people above. I hope you make the most out of these guys, and if you're ever in contact with them say hello from me too. But seriously, try them out, they'll make your 2018 as wonderful as my 2017 with them. I can't wait to see what they all bring to this new year.

Let's raise a glass and have a coffee in their honour. To the wonderfully caffeinated of 2017!

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