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Christmas Day '17

Merry Christmas everyone!

(hey, I'm going to keep on celebrating Christmas until the end of those 12 days - try and stop me).

This won't be too long of a post, do not fear. I'm currently sat packing to go back home to London after what has been a well-deserved (and needed) break back in Worcestershire, but you all know how I love to procrastinate by writing blog posts, so here we are!

Although I haven't kept up with my Advent Calendar from Pact Coffee (I absolutely LOVED the idea), I made the effort to have the 25th's on the morning of Christmas Day. However, between you and me it didn't live up to expectations. I'm looking forward to hear what other people have been saying about it.

(excuse my 6am wake up face)

If you read my Christmas post from last year, you will know that our family aren't the party animal type. We keep our christmasses quiet and small, which I really enjoy.

I got some cool as heck goodies this year, including a ton of Soap and Glory stuff, chocolate (see you in the new year 'low sugar diet'!) amongst other small cute things such as books and homeware. I mean heck - you can never get enough homeware. No coffee related stuff, however. I think people are too scared to get me coffee stuff because they think i'm such a snob when I'm really not. I mean otherwise I would have shown you my coffee-related presents received on this blog (although I did get a funky tea strainer in the shape of a pug which is going to make my cups of teas look that much cooler than they were before).

We invited over a close friend of the family over for Christmas dinner, and I swear each year gets better than the one before. Two courses later and i'm super stuffed (but hey, you've always got to leave a tiny bit of space for Christmas pudding).

I know it's such a cliche thing to say, but Christmas really did feel like it was over very quickly this year. I've recently been pondering over the idea of time a lot recently, so the ending of the Festive season got to me a bit more than what I may have inititally expected. No complaints, however - the only reason it went quickly was the fact that I enjoyed my day so much.

I hope you all also had a wonderful day, and spent Christmas doing whatever you wanted to do to make you the happiest. Look out for a few more blog posts before the end of this year, as I'm currently working on my Year in Review, as well as a post on New Years Resolutions. Woohoo!

Until then, have a good one guys and gals.

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