New Years Resolutions, 2018 Edition.

Well hello there.

Each and every day I'm becoming more and more personal with my posts, no longer simply posting reviews of coffee and such (like my old blog before transferring it over to its own domain). Instead, it's becoming much more of a personal getaway, much like when it first started out when I was 16. And you know what? I'm absolutely loving it.

You guys + gals seem to love it also, so you'll definitely be seeing more of these in the New Year to come.

Since we're on the topic of personal and lifestyle posts, I've got one heck of a cliche one today, and that's talking about those good old new years resolutions.

Love 'em or hate 'em, their presence in the blogosphere this time of year is huge (well duh, since it is the new year, Izzy), and I doubt there's many people out there who don't have at least a quick ponder over what they would like to change/develop/grow. I've always been good with New Years resolutions, and tried to focus on development rather than change, and progressive rather than vanity. I've always been quite good at sticking to them also, and I think I've become a better young lady because of them.

1. Turn off from technology.

One of the things which has made my year more than anything has been my wonderful beginning of my career. Alongside becoming Head of Marketing at a huge specialty coffee chain, I've also (successfully!) began to develop my freelance career as a social media manager for coffee shops, artists/musicians and startups. Not too shabby. However, this means that more often than not I'm glued to a laptop screen, spending a lot of time online. And if I'm not careful then it really takes its toll. I need a way to wind down, which doesn't involve technology, which is where this resolution comes in. I picked up a book a couple of years back in the urban outfitters sale with 365 ways to detox from technology which I never got around to doing. What better time to start than the new year? I'll be posting Hess *if all goes to plan* on social media, so keep your eyes peeled!


Well there had to be at least one cliche resolution put into here. Cancelling my unused gym membership and buying a little exercise bike for my room instead. Will also help on those cold days in my draughty flat in an effort to keep warm.

3. a year. (oh goodness I know - what am I getting myself into). Maybe I'll regret it, but I have a much greater idea that it's going to be something great. Or maybe not so great. I love blogging but I've recently moved it down my priority list and I'm not too proud to admit that. So I'm going to go all it and blog once a day and no ones going to stop me. Just watch me (hopefully not fail).

Keep an eye out on my social media (@caffeinegalore for Instagram, twitter and Facebook) for mini updates on my progress. Hopefully this time next year I'll be a changed woman!

What New Years resolutions have you made? Hit me up @caffeinegalore 💪🏻☕️