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Christmas Eve '17

Hello everyone! I mean, I was pretty set on getting this blog post up by mid-afternoon, but hey ho, you know how these things are. This year has been an absolutely insane year (in mostly good ways), which I'll touch on more in my New Years post (keep your eyes peeled for that in a few days time!), but the one thing which will never change is spending Christmas Eve with the family in our favourite place: Stratford upon Avon.

I mean, look at how wonderful Stratford is. No wonder Shakespeare loved the place so much! Even when it's gloomy (and let's be honest, this is probably the peak of the English weather - I mean, at least it wasn't raining), it still has such a magical feel to it. Especially with it being Christmas Eve and all.

Every year me and the family get up nice and early to Stratford (upon-Avon) and have a 'christmassy coffee' (yep, no speciality coffee for me today!), and have one last look at the shops. We're lucky to be right on the doorstep of Stratford and know the place well - when I lived at home we would visit Stratford weekly, so it's always great to be back. It's not the worse place to be, and even though everyone was frantic due to it being the last shopping day before Christmas, we all survived (even after being in the apocalypse that is known as the M&S foodhall) and had a wonderful day out.

So as per usual routine, we arrived bright and early and headed straight to the winner of this year's festive favourites, Costa Coffee (sorry Starbucks, but you let me down this year):

Great for blogging purposes, but totally by accident, we all grabbed different drinks. The adults (I refuse to acknowledge that I am one of these) grabbed a black forest hot chocolate and honeycomb latte, whilst I settled for their famous gingerbread latte. However, they seem to have forgotten my little gingerbread man on top...WHAT. That's it. Christmas Eve was ruined.

(I joke - it was yummy - and I also had a lemon muffin so didn't really want to force myself into a sugar coma after having a month prior to this consisting of low carb/sugar restrictions).

After this we had a grand old look around the shops (we usually restrict ourselves to 1 hour most since it mostly consists of browsing - no point buying things the day before the year's largest gifting day). New Look's sale had started on their underwear and I ended up grabbing two bralets and matching knickers for £12.00 - result.

Being a coffee blogger and all, I thought I'd replace the photo of underwear with the gorgeous cappuccino I ended up having at a small coffee shop by the River Avon which we stumbled across. Much more suited for my audience, me thinks. But trust me, the underwear was lovely and was definitely a steal for that price.

The coffee shop, called the Pantry, was to be honest nothing *special*, although the girl on the till was an absolutely darling individual (and was the loveliest for the fact that she was stuck working on Christmas Eve - never a good thing). However, the cappuccino, although in its 'traditional' form, was surprisingly good for what I was expecting. I don't mean to sound mean, but stumbling into a small cafe in Stratford upon Avon didn't really raise my expectations, but using better-than-average coffee beans from Ue roastery was a pleasant surprise.

Cue obligatory family portraits at the cafe table:

And some more shots of the cute little coffee shop by the river Avon. The interior of the place nailed their 'pantry' aesthetic:

That's about it for my Christmas Eve post. As much as I want to apologise for the short length of this blog post, I have really enjoyed it. Maybe I'll look into doing more micro-posts in the New Year rather than taking days to write out long-ass paragraphs. Tell me what you think! I feel like it's easier to read, but if you love the longer rambly ones then do tell me.

Stratford-upon-Avon, you definitely did not disappoint. You forever remain in my heart as one of my favourite places, and if I didn't have my heart and ambitions so closely tied in with London I'd move to you in a heartbeat.

And to you my lovelies, I'll be heading off to bed. Christmas Day is fast approaching (and according to the online Google santa tracker so is Father Christmas himself). You know the rules, you gotta be in bed before he arrives otherwise he won't make the visit!

I'll hopefully (unless tea is spilled over my camera), be posting up another blog post for Christmas Day, so keep an eye out for that in the next couple of days. I did write one last year, which you can check out here.

Until then, have a wonderful Christmas my lovely readers. I love you all and you deserve a lovely day spent doing whatever you love.

I'll see you all soon, Merry Christmas!

Izzy x

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