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Urban Baristas @ London Waterloo Station

Isn’t it just typical that when a speciality coffee shop opens up in my area, that my camera has run out of battery? I’m not going to be around Waterloo for the rest of the week, so I wanted to get this blog post out anyway so took some relatively average looking photos on my phone. It’s only a small space so hopefully it does it justice. But hey ho, sorry about the lower-than-usual quality photos.

This isn’t their first site, and the name ‘Urban Baristas’ does ring a bell. However, I unfortunately have never visited them before.

They serve Union coffee, which if any of you know me is a solid go-to coffee roaster in my opinion. A safe option, sure, but you can’t go wrong with a shop serving their beans. I do feel like I should have ordered a flat white, though, as the coffee didn’t pack as much of a punch as I had originally thought it would! But that’s definitely not their fault - more mine and my misjudging my taste preferences (I mean hey, it was something like 7am in the morning - my head was fuzzy and I just needed caffeine and quick).

As I’ve already touched upon - the shop is very very small. No seating is available, and I could see it being a struggle if (read: when) it gets busy. The location fits this kind of space though, as most people around Waterloo will be commuting and thus don’t need a place to sit down - just somewhere to grab a coffee.

The two guys in the shop were absolute darlings - not pretentious in the slightest (yay)! The service was great without being overpowering, and the coffee was made to a high quality standard.

If you’re in the area (and I bet a lot of you will be at some point or another) - head out of the main station (through the back entrance by Waterloo East) and it’s right in front of you. I thought it would be quite easy to miss (my geography skills are non-existent), but I found them in an absolute doddle.

Therefore, there's no excuse for you to not visit them. Well, unless you're late for a train - then I'd say you're let off this time.

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