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Slow Brew Club x Bumble Coffee Workshop | An Evening Out in Manchester

Hey there, Chucks.

It’s super duper crazy over at my end at the moment, but it’s nice to be able to sit down for a small while and talk about the whopper of an evening I went to this past Thursday evening.

An event, taking place in Porter & Cole, a snazzy as heck coffee shop/bar/shop in general, teamed up with the guys behind Bumble to host a coffee masterclass night. I know, Bumble is a dating app, so why the heck would they do this? Well, as those familiar with the app may already know, Bumble has had another feature floating around their app for quite awhile, known as ‘BumbleBFF’, which enables you to turn off the flirting and make new friends around you. Well, Bumble’s gone ahead and been brilliant all over again, and released a new update: BumbleBizz. And it’s everything that I’ve dreamed of.

I was already keen on Bumble. You may hear my rants every so often regarding the lonely city that is London. Bumble BFF was actually a really good way for me to get back out there and meet likeminded people to go out for coffees with (although we all know I like to spend an insane amount of me-time chilling in coffee shops on my own). Also, I hold my hands up and state that I’ve always been quite a fan of their most famous side of the app, too…

Therefore, I was pretty excited to try out their new feature, Bumblebizz.

Bumblebizz acts in the exact same way as the other two functions of the app. By clicking the header of the app, you change from exchanging flirtatious metaphors to seeing potential business contacts. Oh i know.

Now, a bit about me which you may know (and I promise I’ll keep it short)! I’m a freelance social media manager for coffee shops and start ups. You know, it works wonders having a blog for 6 years about the coffee industry - you learn a lot. However, networking is key in this job, and I’m always on the hunt to find new connections where we can benefit mutually with something.

And that’s where BumbleBizz comes into it. It’s hard to find like-minded individuals in business if I’m completely honest - my corporate day jobs have always, up until recently, involved working with overly serious and overly stuffy businessmen twice my age, who like to call me ‘kid’ and think I’m a simple and fragile soul. Therefore whenever I do find someone who moves away from this, it’s a huge breath of fresh air. Thus BumbleBizz is like a hurricane’s worth of air!

Honestly guys, I can’t big this up enough - i’m not being sponsored in any way to say any of this, I just completely back this app and think it’s an absolutely brilliant idea, and I’m not on my own there. Give a quick google and you’ll see articles claiming that this is the ‘death of mindless networking’, heralded the ‘linkedin for millennials’. Sure, I’ll go with that.

So yeah, go stumble (or bumble, hoho) across that app.


Right, onto the next part of this blog post.

…Oh i know, I bet you weren’t fully invested in the fact that I’d be splitting this into two pieces. Say what? Oh yes, you could say I’m…bumbling like an idiot! (someone stop me)

Now I can’t go without talking about what was an absolutely amazing couple of hours on the Thursday. Bumble is obviously very clever and understands that their target consumer, much like myself, are workers who base themselves a lot of the time out of coffee shops. You know, since who wouldn’t like gorgeous coffee whilst they work? Therefore, part of Bumble’s business plan has been to heavily target the coffee consumer audience, which is where Porter and Cole comes in.

For starters, if a coffee shop is named after a pair of dogs, then i’m sold.

(No really, it is - and they were there at the event - I could've just sat in the corner and tickled them all night).

Porter & Cole is a large space around the Northern Quarter of Manchester (lack of specifics there Izzy, but I really do not know Manchester well). They roast their own coffee, and for the event held a ‘How to Make Good Coffee’ slow brew class. Of course this was definitely much more targeted for beginners who had never looked at coffee in that way before, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it. The two chaps who ran this were brilliant, and were a great laugh - far from the pretentiousness of coffee which I so often complain about.

However what really sold me were two specifics which they mentioned: their reference to the Chemex in friends (one of my talking points when people say I take coffee too seriously), as well as their emphasis on the history of coffeehouses in England. I mean heck, I wrote my dissertation on that. I feel that a long chat with the guys over there should one day happen and we would get along swimmingly.

The evening finished off with us making our own espresso martinis and cold brew cocktails, which took me back to my days in Notes when I’d be bashing out martinis like there was no tomorrow. I’m a sucker for a cold brew cocktail (like seriously, they’re so refreshing and drinkable and oh gosh - just do as I say and order one). Their not-so-secret ingredient was apricot liquor added to the cold brew + tonic water, so I was completely sold.

So to wrap things up, as I am aware that this is becoming a super duper long blog post, the evening was great. I ended up visiting on my own but by the end of the night walked back to the centre with two new friends; the atmosphere Porter and Cole made was absolutely fantastic. I know I’ll be dropping down there on my next trip to Manchester to hopefully do a featured blog post about the place in general - it’s super snazzy and worth a look. I’d highly recommend the place. If you’re a dog fanatic who loves good coffee, you’ll never leave the place.

And with that, I’m out. Pop the kettle on and have a wonderful day chucks.

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