Outpost Coffee: Timber Town (Espresso) Review


Coffee tastes different to everyone depending on many different factors. These include, but are not limited to: the time of the day, how dehydrated you are, and of course - what you have eaten. I do not involve cupping when I taste and review coffees as for the most part this isn’t what my readers like to understand. They instead like to hear about how it tastes on an average day - through various filter methods and espresso based beverages (depending on the coffee itself). I love to hear if you feel like you have any different thoughts, but please don’t rant. It’s not nice for anyone and just makes you look like one of those pretentious hipster baristas who no one really likes.


Before I get started, I always say that if I started up a coffee shop (living the dream indeedy there), then I would use Outpost as my coffee roasters of choice. The guys behind the roasters are brilliant, they’re absolutely amazing at what they do and they’re so down to Earth. You don’t get any nonsense from them. But the main factor this is obviously, and of course, the coffee. It tastes bloomin’ fantastic.

I was lucky enough to visit a stall of Outpost’s when they featured at the Birmingham Coffee Festival in the Summer just gone. I can't find the photos I've taken back at home so you're going to be stuck with the photos I took at their stall at the festival, sorry! They had a moderately sized stall, and located around the corner of the festival they weren’t always swamped by hoards of people (a social anxiety sufferer’s DREAM). They had begun following me a little while before on social media, so I knew their name. What struck me the most was that they were based in Nottingham - where my dad is originally from, so I was super curious to see how good they were.

On that note, I love the coffee industry outside of London. If I ran a coffee shop, I’d try as hard as possible to set up outside of the capital as a) I feel that the city is way too saturated in its coffee shops, and b) I grew up always feeling left out of the ‘London bubble’, and I want to spread the love of specialty coffee much further than that. People shouldn’t be left out just because they aren’t living in London (and fair does on them, it’s incredibly expensive over here). Thankfully, like Outpost, I’ve been seeing a number of specialty coffee shops and roasters beginning to dot up all over the place, which makes me super happy indeed.

But back to the coffee itself.

What can I say. I was sent a huge sample of Outpost’s classic ‘Timbertown’ coffee to trial in the coffee shop’s I was currently managing. As much as I love Volcano, who were our house espresso, I always found their coffee to be a bit dark and ‘punchy’ for my liking. I never really noticed this until I brewed a batch of brilliant espressos from Outpost, and part of me wished I hadn’t - they increased my expectations of coffee incredibly after that!

The coffee was incredibly smooth, that’s the biggest thing I can really say. It might seem like not much, but this was the selling point for me. Sadly, we didn’t move from Volcano and I soon left my job, but I know if I had stayed then I would most definitely have looked into pursuing a business venture with them.

Arguably, the espresso + milk combination did taste better than the espresso on its own, which is a common thing in the coffee industry. I found the espresso a little too zesty (please do not read sour - the coffee was not under-extracted), but with a bit of high quality steamed milk to cut through this, Timbertown is perfect.

It takes a lot for me to be over the moon with a coffee. I usually have something to say about it regarding it’s taste. However, this medium-bodied, not too over the top and extravagant (but no where near as dark as what it could potentially be for the market in the North), Timbertown has made a lasting impression with me.

If you’re ever over in Nottingham go hit them up. They are an absolutely brilliant crew and love a good natter (or are just too polite to tell me to shut up).


You can check out their website here:


Twitter: https://twitter.com/OutpostRoasters

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/outpostcoffeeroasters/

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