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Self-Care & Coffee

Wellness is a huge deal at the moment, and fair enough a lot of it may be some smushy gobble-dee-goop designed to make money off the average stressed person.

However, I do firmly believe that everyone should adopt small mindfulness tactics which can be implemented easily into their routines, to allow time for the simpler things in the ever-increasingly rushed and anxiety-prone world.

So I thought I’d share with you my way to have ‘me-time’, as well as practice a well-deserved amount of self-care and love.

And the way I do this is through my coffee.

I never practiced any ‘wellness’ techniques before this, and to be honest I’d be doing this for much longer before I even labelled it as my own miniature meditation. It was only when I removed it from my lifestyle that I realised it did way more good than I had ever given credit for. I mean, I'd always been a bit of a strange kid and preferred sitting in coffee shops to chill out rather than other recreational activities like your average teen, but I'd never truly recognised the mental impact it had on me until recently.

What I do, and it's not that difficult at all (especially if you're a morning person like myself), is to get yourself up as early as possible and get take yourself down to the local coffee shop that you love so much. It's really that simple. Bonus points if you don't look at technology or dress up for the occasion - the main point of you going is to treat yourself in a well-confined budget, as well as to 'turn off' from all of the stresses and distractions of the outside world. I like to go and read the latest posts from my favourite bloggers, as well as read up on any news (old style with a newspaper and all), or flick through the latest book I've been reading.

If exercise is more of your thing, I also recommend grabbing a cup to go and heading to your nearest woods or park. My right of passage into Autumn (obviously my absolute favourite season) sees me move away from specialty coffee for that one moment, grab a cinnamon covered beverage of my choice, and walk through the wonderful Bushy Park - home to the amazing Hampton Court. I'm lucky to live in a beautiful area of London (google South West London parks, and you'll be uber jealous), and I love making the most of it. It makes it even better when I've got a cup of love - bonus points for when it keeps my hands warm on chillier days.

So, if you're like me and love a good cup of coffee whilst window-watching, try to adapt it into your self-care routine. Trust me, it works wonders. And hey ho, if it doesn't, at least you ended up getting a cup of coffee out of the experience (and let's be honest - you can't really complain about that).

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