Graduation 2017

Suck it up guys, I like posting personal stuff, and the majority of you lot do too. Therefore, we're doing it.

Oh, and I've spent almost £50K in debt and worked gosh darn hold for three years (15 if you count all of those years of schooling to get to the moment of University also). Therefore, I feel like that's more than enough of a justification to write a little graduation post.

So yes, I graduated. Huzzah! I've graduated from the University of Roehampton with a Bachelors in History. Who'd have thought.

There I am, gown and all. The one day I can get away with wearing a funny hat and I totally rocked it (even if I did mimick an Einstein trend with the overly floofy hair tucked out of the cap).

I mean, I could go all blogger-esque and write a 'Things I learned from University' post, but I'll leave this one short and sweet. I mean, I had a pretty funky experience of University, and based my social life around coffee shops rather than clubs. So, I'm not going to rule out that post altogether, but there's something more important I'd like to outline in this post.

I went through some pretty tough times during my time at University, and I'd really like to thank each and every one of you in my blogging community who helped me through that. Whether that's my friends who I've met through doing this, or more generally my readers, you've really helped me at times when I've felt completely down-and-out and wanting to give up.

So you know what, WE GRADUATED. YAY.

OR you can just let me take all of the glory, just for this one day? Hehe, okay. Thank you.

No, but seriously - thank you everyone - you're the bestest.

- Izzy x

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