Wags N Tales, Surbiton

As of recently, I quit my job. Now that’s an entirely different blog post, and we won’t mull too much over that, but it’s meant that I now have much more free time on my hands than before. Which means much more time to spend in coffee shops.

Wags N Tales is, as the name suggests, a coffee shop in Greater London which aims to look after and cater for the dog-loving population. Because of this; the floor plan is large, wooden and open spaced, to allow pooches to feel as comfortable as their human buddies.

They currently use two different coffee blends - Square Mile’s Red Brick (a personal favourite) and Moonroast Coffee. Although biased, I do favour Red Brick’s coffee, but only when one of their senior baristas are making it otherwise the tanginess which is commonly associated with the espresso is apparent.

Another thing I have to mention about their coffee is that the sizing isn’t too great for me. My favourite coffees by far are both ‘long blacks’ and 'flat whites’, both short/small drinks - just enough for me. However, Wags is in the habit of making their drinks larger - although from their success I doubt most of the Greater London consumer base mind that much.

I know, I know, I sound like I’m critiquing them, but I really don’t mean to. Wags N Tales is by far my favourite place to frequent as of recently in the Surbiton area, even when I was working at the coffee shop seen as its 'competiton’.

The staff are friendly, and the owners are around a lot and do love a good natter (even if this has predominantly revolved around when I got my butt into gear and wrote up this post)! There seems to be a great mindset, and I’m truly glad that the business is working in their favour.

Like many inner city coffee shops, Wags N Tales has looooong opening hours - and I mean long. Open from early in the morning for commuters to late at night for the celebrators, Wags N Tales has managed to sell themselves to every type of customer who frequents the area. Not only this, but they make each group feel just as welcome as the other, with no favour towards a certain group who brings them the most money (which tends to be the case in many shops).

The coffee shop also offers some great brunch options - something which Surbiton was missing out on until they’re opening. Not so great on my budget, however, as I could eat their smashed avocado on toast every day if I could - it’s by far the best one I’ve ever tasted.

Superb coffee is partnered with all of the latest trends in health drinks such as turmeric and matcha lattes. The only other place you can get one of these is through an overly sweetened concoction at Starbucks, and many of you know how much I adore matcha (when done well - which Wags N Tales definitely do). There’s also fresh juices, and damn don’t I love a green juice (which they also sneakily drop some matcha into)! Combine these amazing beverages with great and affordable (in moderation!) brunch, as well as a comfortable space to kick back and relax in, Wags N Tales is the recipe for success in a town which is for the majority run by crappy coffee outlets.

If you’re ever in the Greater London area, I would heavily advise you to give them a visit.

For £2.50 for a latte, which is heavily overpriced in other coffee shops (of lower quality), it is definitely my most favourable destination of choice.

Righto - I’m off for a cuppa. Have one on me!