Gus White @ Soho Grind

Hi guys! Welcome to my ‘Coffee Sessions’, where I’ll be talking about a few up and coming artists who deserve some well-loved attention. To start off the series, I’ve got a lovely chappie called Gus White.

I was introduced to Gus a year and a half ago through a mutual friend, and instantly (INSTANTLY) fell in love with his music. It takes a lot to make good music which you can listen to on its own with true appreciation, or in the background but with the same quality. Through these coffee sessions I’m trying to highlight music I would feel comfortable playing in my coffee shop for everyone to enjoy, and Gus really fits that criteria.

Gus has been studying music for a significant part of his life, and you can definitely see that in his music writing. He’s achieved the perfect balance of his own personal identity and inspiration; developing these further with the theory and knowledge that he has gained along the way.

I was lucky enough to go for a coffee with the cheeky chappie recently. I felt Soho Grind in London was fitting for the interview, as it reflected the individuality and raw feel of Gus’s music (although maybe not his personality, he wouldn’t hurt a fly)!

I asked Gus plenty of questions, although the gent was so lovely we just kept diverging away and discussing the most pointless things, such as the ‘London Bubble’ and even me! He did teach me a lot about music in the two hours we spent together, and I’m now going to incorporate the term ‘electroacoustic’ into conversations with my musician friends to sound cool.

‘Electroacoustic’ is a big deal in Gus’s books and you can definitely sense that in his music. The vibe you feel when listening to his music is unlike anything else around at the moment, at times literally giving you chills! I’m not saying this lightly, as this doesn’t happen to me much nowadays when I’m listening to new artists.

What intrigues me about his new EP is the concept of ‘dreams’, which he explained to me thoroughly. What amazed me was when he told me that he’d kept a dream diary for about a year, and it was only 8 months in that he drew from this for his songwriting. You can definitely feel a deep connection between Mr White and his lyrics; especially when you realise each song on the EP has been inspired by his own dreams and how he has interpreted them. Excitingly, Gus is going to be releasing a small dream diary soon, with a great analogy involving a finger and the moon which shows just how clever and imaginative this young man is, but I’ll let him explain that to you in greater detail himself. I wouldn’t want to ruin that surprise!

As someone living in London myself, I’m happy to hear that he’ll be in the area soon doing some great shows. Headlining is difficult in the London music scene, but Gus has managed to bag it and I raise my glass to him. I’ll definitely be getting tickets to at least one of them (and I hope to see any of you guys who live around London to come along too)!

Gus’s new album ‘Life is But A Dream’ is out now on Spotify, and you can view the music video [here].

Have a wonderful day my coffee beans and tea leaves. :)