Moleskine Coffee Journal

I’m not a big spender - I never have been. Therefore, the idea of investing in the Moleskine Coffee Journal was quite a big deal for me. I had been looking at this journal for a good year before I decided to go ahead and buy it for my end of university present, and I have to say I have yet to be unimpressed by it.

The Moleskine Coffee Journal is priced at around £15 - £20 dependent on whether the item has been marked down or not in the shop. It takes a lot for me to consider buying a journal for this amount of money (hey, I am technically still a student you know!), and was only convinced since I had bought an ex boyfriend of mine a music journal in the same ‘Passions’ series.

The two favourite sections of mine in the journal are the coffee shops section, as well as (obviously!) the brewing section. Both of these require extensive detail to fill the page, which I love. You can really get into the technical aspect of coffee with this journal, but without adding the air of pretentiousness sometimes surrounded by this form of coffee documentation. The coffee shops section can be seen more as a regular use of reference, which asks for details such as personal review and opening hours.

Overall, this journal is definitely worth the price tag, and I would definitely advise you to grab one if you see yourself trying various types of coffee and a ‘coffee tourist’ like myself! Not only is the journal amazingly put together in an easy-to-fill-out way, but the cover is decorated elegantly in black coffee prints. As you can see, this makes very aesthetically-pleasing photos when perched next to a cup of coffee!

Until next time, my lovelies.

You can purchase the Moleskine notebook on Amazon here.