Hario Copper Collection

I know I’m a bit late on the bandwagon with this, but I honestly could not ignore writing a small post on the ever so popular Hario and their beautiful copper brewing collection released last year around the same time as the London Coffee Festival.

Anyone who knows me personally (or has seen the interior of my apartment) will know that I am a huge fan of anything copper or rose-gold themed. I wrote the draft of this post with a copper-coloured pen which shows just how popular this style is at the moment. A quick through Instagram or blogger’s/vlogger’s kitchen tours and we can see that many people are styling their kitchens in a simple colour scheme with staple copper pieces for a modern twist.

Mario is offering their most popular pieces from their brewing range in copper, featuring a coffee measuring spoon, a V60 pourer dripper, and of course; the drip kettle. Not only do these suit home use, but I’ve noticed plenty of the popular coffee spots in London incorporating these items into their interiors as they look both aesthetically pleasing to the eye but with a sleek of professionalism.

One other thing to mention is the science behind the copper collection. A quick look on the Hario website (A level science seems to have disappeared from my now History degree-focused mind!)

tells me that copper is an excellent material for thermal conductivity. This essentially mans that a “good heat conductivity helps warm water faster” for anyone who may be using this at home and heating water through a stove. Obviously, this doesn’t really make much of a difference then for professionals who use a hot water tap, or Brits like myself who tend to use an electric kettle (as they’re much quicker!) to heat up their water first before adding to the kettle. For the majority, I’ve noticed people like this kettle more for the stability of pouring for such brewing methods that need a steady hand, such as the V60; therefore I don’t know how much of a selling point this is for someone like me! However, if you do wish to heat the water up in the copper kettle, then this applies to you and may be one of the greater selling points of the product.

Unfortunately, these items do not come at a cheap price, and to be honest I never thought they would have. I hasten to add that these products are high-end premium products, and therefore you are paying for great quality. If you don’t trust me (although you probably should), trust all of the coffee shop owners buying them for their own coffee shops - I doubt they would buy something sub-par.

I also would like to add that Hario does have a wide range of brewing equipment with a spectrum in its pricing, so if this is too much for you you’re not out of luck; there are much cheaper options with still a great brewing quality available on the market.

After having a play on the copper series I can safely say that if you do have the budget for this kind of equipment, I highly recommend this range of products as it definitely is worth the price tag.

What is even better that right now Amazon is offering the Copper series for a significant markdown from the product’s original price. You can check that out below if you’re interested!

Kettle + V60 Dripper

That’s all from me today….enjoy the rest of your day my dear tea leaves and coffee beans, and keep on brewing!